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To encourage the prompt return of materials, the PINES libraries have established a schedule of fines and fees as penalty to those patrons who fail to return materials by their due dates. The schedule of fines and fees can be found with the PINES Circulation Matrix.

See: PINES Circulation Matrix

Historical Note: On July 1, 2012, the fine rate for books increased from $0.15 to $0.20 per day [2012.05].

Paying Fines/Fees

PINES fines may be paid at any participating library. If the patron's home library is configured to accept online credit card payments, then that patron may also log in to the “My Account” section of the OPAC and pay their bills online.

Returned materials which are owned by other PINES libraries will be promptly returned via the PINES courier service. Patrons may pay all or a portion of overdue fines. Patrons are not allowed to carry a credit balance of fines on their account in lieu of a refund [2006.05].

PINES library systems may choose to implement “fine-free” or “food-for-fines” library promotions. These will apply only to items owned by the initiating library systems. The participating library/system must make it clear to the public that these promotions are local and do not apply to other PINES libraries. [2001.11].

Returned check charges should be billed to the user's account. Payment is due from the patron that caused the loss to the library that incurred the loss [2011.05].

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