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Processing fees for lost and long overdue items are determined independently by each library system. If a lost or long overdue item is paid for but then found and returned within 180 days of the payment date, the amount paid should be refunded minus the item's overdue fees and processing fee.

PINES Policy NameBranchSystem NameProcessing Fees (Lost / Long Overdue / Damaged*)
ARLAll locationsAthens Regional Library System10/10/10
ARCPLSAll locationsAugusta-Richmond County Public Library5/5/5
AZRLSAll locationsAzalea Regional Library System10/10/10
BROOKAll locationsBrooks County Public Library0/0/0
BTRLAll locationsBartram Trail Regional Library10/10/10
CCLAll locationsCatoosa County Library0/0/0
CHATAll locationsChattooga County Library5/5/5
CHRLAll locationsCherokee Regional Library3/3/3
CLAYTNAll locationsClayton County Library System10/0/0
CPRLAll locationsCoastal Plain Regional Library5/5/5
CRLSAll locationsChestatee Regional Library System10/10/10
DCPLAll locationsDougherty County Public Library10/10/10
DTRL-BAKRBaker County LibraryDesoto Trail Regional Library5/5/5
DTRL-BLAKBlakely-Maddox Memorial LibraryDesoto Trail Regional Library5/5/5
DTRL-CAMICamilla-DeSoto Trail Regional LibraryDesoto Trail Regional Library5/5/5
DTRL-JAKNJakin Public LibraryDesoto Trail Regional Library5/5/5
DTRL-PELHPelham-Pelham Carnegie LibraryDesoto Trail Regional Library5/5/5
DTRL-SALECITYSale City LibraryDesoto Trail Regional Library0/0/0
ECPLAll locationsElbert County Public Library0/0/0
FRRLSAll locationsFlint River Regional Library10/10/10
GCHRAll locationsGreater Clarks Hill Regional Library5/5/5
HALLAll locationsHall County Library System5/5/5
HARTAll locationsHart County Library System10/10/10
HCLSAll locationsHenry County Library10/10/10
HOUAll locationsHouston County Public Library5/10/5
JCLAll locationsJefferson County Library0/0/0
KRLSAll locationsKinchafoonee Regional Library5/5/5
LBRLSAll locationsLake Blackshear Regional Library System10/10/10
LEEAll locationsLee County Public Library0/0/0
LOPLAll locationsLive Oak Public Library5/5/5
MCCLSAll locationsMoultrie-Colquitt County Library0/0/0
MGRLAll locationsMiddle Georgia Regional Library10/10/10
MOGLAll locationsMarshes of Glynn Libraries5/5/5
MRLSAll locationsMountain Regional Library10/10/10
NCLSAll locationsNewton County Library System10/10/10
NEGAll locationsNortheast Georgia Regional Library0/0/0
NGRLAll locationsNorthwest Georgia Regional Library4/4/4
OCRLAll locationsOconee Regional Library0/0/0
OHOOPAll locationsOhoopee Regional Library System5/5/5
OKRLAll locationsOkefenokee Regional Library System5/5/5
ORLSAll locationsOcmulgee Regional Library System0/0/0
PIEDAll locationsPiedmont Regional Library System5/5/5
PMRLSAll locationsPine Mountain Regional Library System5/5/5
PPLAll locationsPeach Public Libraries10/10/10
RMLAll locationsRoddenbery Memorial Library10/10/10
ROCKAll locationsConyers-Rockdale Library System5/5/5
SGRLAll locationsSouth Georgia Regional Library System0/0/0
SHRL-BKOutreach CollectionSara Hightower Regional Library0/0/0
SHRL-CDCedartown BranchSara Hightower Regional Library5/5/5
SHRL-CSCave Spring BranchSara Hightower Regional Library5/5/5
SHRL-RKRockmart BranchSara Hightower Regional Library5/5/5
SHRL-RMRome BranchSara Hightower Regional Library5/5/5
SJRLSAll locationsScreven-Jenkins Regional Library5/5/5
SRLAll locationsSatilla Regional Library0/0/0
STATELIBAll locationsGeorgia Public Library Service0/0/0
STRLAll locationsStatesboro Regional Library0/0/0
SWGRLAll locationsSouthwest Georgia Regional Library0/0/0
TCPLSAll locationsThomas County Public Library System0/0/0
THRLAll locationsTroup-Harris Regional Library5/5/5
TLLSAll locationsTwin Lakes Library System10/10/10
TRRLSAll locationsThree Rivers Regional Library5/5/5
WGRLAll locationsWest Georgia Regional Library3/3/3
WORTHAll locationsWorth County Library System0/0/0

* Damaged item processing fees were implemented on July 1, 2017. The Damaged Item processing fee is only automatically applied when the full item price is billed.

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