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Processing fees for lost and long overdue items are determined independently by each library system (maximum of $10 per item [1999.10]). If a lost or long overdue item is paid for but then found and returned within 180 days of the payment date, the amount paid should be refunded minus the item's overdue fees and processing fee.

PINES Policy Name Branch System Name Processing Fees (Lost / Long Overdue / Damaged*)
ARL All locations Athens Regional Library System 10/10/10
ARCPLS All locations Augusta-Richmond County Public Library 5/5/5
AZRLS All locations Azalea Regional Library System 10/10/10
BROOK All locations Brooks County Public Library 0/0/0
BTRL All locations Bartram Trail Regional Library 5/5/5
CCL All locations Catoosa County Library 3/3/3
CHRL All locations Cherokee Regional Library 5/5/5
CLAYTN All locations Clayton County Library System 10/0/0
CPRL All locations Coastal Plain Regional Library 0/0/0
CRLS All locations Chestatee Regional Library System 10/10/10
DCPL All locations Dougherty County Public Library 10/10/10
DTRL All locations Desoto Trail Regional Library 2/2/2
ECPL All locations Elbert County Public Library 0/0/0
FRRLS All locations Flint River Regional Library 10/10/10
GCHR All locations Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library 5/5/5
HALL All locations Hall County Library System 5/5/5
HART All locations Hart County Library System 10/10/10
HCLS All locations Henry County Library 10/10/10
HOU All locations Houston County Public Library 5/10/5
JCL All locations Jefferson County Library 0/0/0
KRLS All locations Kinchafoonee Regional Library 5/5/5
LBRLS All locations Lake Blackshear Regional Library System 10/10/10
LEE All locations Lee County Public Library 0/0/0
LOPL All locations Live Oak Public Library 5/5/5
MCCLS All locations Moultrie-Colquitt County Library 0/0/0
MGRL All locations Middle Georgia Regional Library 10/10/10
MOGL All locations Marshes of Glynn Libraries 5/5/5
MRLS All locations Mountain Regional Library 10/10/10
NCLS All locations Newton County Library System 10/10/10
NEG All locations Northeast Georgia Regional Library 0/0/0
NGRL All locations Northwest Georgia Regional Library 4/4/4
OCRL All locations Oconee Regional Library 0/0/0
OHOOP All locations Ohoopee Regional Library System 5/5/5
OKRL All locations Okefenokee Regional Library System 5/5/5
ORLS All locations Ocmulgee Regional Library System 0/0/0
PIED All locations Piedmont Regional Library System 5/5/5
PMRLS All locations Pine Mountain Regional Library System 5/5/5
PPL All locations Peach Public Libraries 10/10/10
RML All locations Roddenbery Memorial Library 0/0/0
ROCK All locations Conyers-Rockdale Library System 5/5/5
SGRL All locations South Georgia Regional Library System 0/0/0
SHRL All except outreach collection Sara Hightower Regional Library 5/5/5
SHRL-BK Outreach Collection Sara Hightower Regional Library 0/0/0
SJRLS All locations Screven-Jenkins Regional Library 5/5/5
SRL All locations Satilla Regional Library 0/0/0
STATELIB All locations Georgia Public Library Service 0/0/0
STRL All locations Statesboro Regional Library 0/0/0
SWGRL All locations Southwest Georgia Regional Library 0/0/0
TCPLS All locations Thomas County Public Library System 0/0/0
THRL All locations Troup-Harris Regional Library 5/5/5
TRRLS All locations Three Rivers Regional Library 5/5/5
WGRL All locations West Georgia Regional Library 5/5/5
WORTH All locations Worth County Library System 0/0/0

* Damaged item processing fees were implemented on July 1, 2017. The Damaged Item processing fee is only automatically applied when the full item price is billed.

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