GALILEO E-Resource Recommendations



When you search the PINES catalog and pull up a book's description, you will now see selected online resources from GALILEO as additional recommended resources!

As an example, if you look at the page for The Ultimate Medical Encyclopedia and scroll down to the section titled "Search These Related E-Resources" you will now see recommendations for quality online resources such as Consumer Health Complete, Alt HealthWatch, MedLine, and the Merck Manual. If you click on any one of these titles, you will be taken to the complete resource online through GALILEO.

If you are in a library when you do this search, you should not be asked for a password. If you are not in a library, you will be asked for the current GALILEO password which is available from your local library. (Alternatively, you may log in to PINES and click the GALILEO link at the bottom of the page in order to access GALILEO resources.)