Holds White Paper


PINES holds have proven to be challenging to administer because of the size of the consortium, the geographic area covered by it, the sheer number of items that move about the state, and the system processes that control holds. As the PINES community gained experience with the pros and cons of statewide lending, the membership developed guidelines and management solutions and directed development of software solutions to fulfill the goal of statewide lending through holds. What we want to know now, 14 years after PINES started and seven years after Evergreen was implemented, is whether the software is providing what the PINES community needs and if not, what is needed and how does PINES get it? We want to know how and why copies are targeted and filled by the Evergreen ILS. Does holds functionality within Evergreen both support PINES policies and provide the efficiency we desire? Can a set of best practices be defined that will help provide our end users the best experience PINES can deliver? In 2013, Leslie St. John, consultant with PINES/GPLS, and J. Elaine Hardy, PINES and Collaborative Projects Manager, began a series of tests to investigate Evergreen holds functionality in PINES in order to answer these questions. The resultant executive summary and white paper presents our findings to the PINES and broader Evergreen Community.

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