One of the many advantages of participating in a statewide library system is that library staff at even the smallest branch are part of a larger community of colleagues that are available for advice and assistance.


Email Discussion Lists

Staff at PINES libraries rely heavily on the email discussion lists (LIST-SERVs) to share information, ask technical questions, and troubleshoot problems.

Subscription Instructions:

  1. Click on the link for each list to which you would like to subscribe.
  2. Please subscribe using a work email account. Subscriptions with email addresses that are not recognizable as PINES library work emails will require an email from a director to verify your identity as a current PINES staff member.
  3. Please subscribe using your full name along with your email address. This eases list administration and allows GPLS/PINES staff to know who you are.
  4. GPLS/PINES staff will approve your subscription request and you should receive a confirmation email with further information.


Email Lists Open to All PINES Library Staff

PINES-L is for general PINES staff discussion and is the main list used by GPLS/PINES staff to broadcast important announcements. If you only wish to subscribe to one email list, this is the one to choose.

ACQ-L is for Acquisitions discussion.

CAT-L is for PINES cataloger discussion.

Discussion list for using the Evergreen reports interface.


Reserved Lists

SUBCOM-L is reserved for members of the PINES Subcommittees and PINES Directors. It is mainly used to announce policy discussions that occur on the GPLS Forums.

Membership restricted to PINES Library System directors.

The discussion list for the PINES Executive Committee. Membership is restricted to current Committee members.


Georgia-Wide Lists

For additional lists (TECHTALK, CATTECH-L, etc.) that are open to employees of all Georgia libraries, please contact the Help Desk.


Evergreen Community

These lists are for the Evergreen software, and have members from many different library systems around the world that use Evergreen.

Acquisitions using the Evergreen software.

Circulation using the Evergreen software.

Questions and discussion about Evergreen software development.

General questions and discussions about the Evergreen software and upcoming events.

Evergreen on IRC
The Evergreen community maintains an IRC (internet relay chat) channel for real-time discussions and meetings.


Help Desk

The place to report issues, voice concerns, or request assistance of any kind is the GPLS Help Desk, which is shared between PINES and the GPLS IT department. Logins for staff members should be requested by Library Directors.


Web Address:
Phone: 877-475-7435 (877-GPLSHELP) 404‐291‐2800


Contact Us

If you require assistance but you do not have access to the Help Desk, please contact us through the Contact Form or by sending an email to the relevant PINES Staff Member.