Executive Committee Vote on AV Circ Modifiers


The Executive Committee will be asked to vote by email on the following proposal:

Proposed AV Circulation Modifier Reorganization

Proposal submitted by Elaine Hardy, PINES & Collaborative Projects Manager:


Currently, PINES circulation modifiers for audiovisual materials are a combination of format and content. I am proposing changing the format-based circ modifiers to content-based ones. Creating these new circulation modifiers and retiring the format-based ones would lessen the number of circulation modifiers used by PINES libraries by eight. It would prevent the need for the creation of additional circ modifiers if a new format for these materials is created in the future. It would also streamline entries in the annual report since all PINES libraries would use the same circulation modifiers for the categories counted in the report.

Please see proposal and Subcommittee survey results below.


The Executive Committee voted unanimously to approve this proposal.