Reports Working Group (2012-2015)

Reports Working Group Mission Statement

The PINES Team and Reports Working Group will gather requirements for the design of a new reports interface that streamlines and simplifies the process for running basic daily reports so that front-line staff and directors can run a report independently of technical library staff. Emerald Data Networks will design and produce the new interface for use with the Evergreen software, version 2.?

The project mission will be considered complete when users such as front-line library staff or directors can run a report independently of technical library staff.

The project supports library users who do not have in depth knowledge of database structures but who need to extract statistical data from the PINES database. The new interface will not recreate or replace the existing reports interface but provide easy access to the most frequently used data elements.


The "PINES Quick Reports" interface went live over Labor Day Weekend, September 2015.

Reports Working Group Members

Cristina Trotter, Oconee Regional Library  
Chris Sharp, Georgia Public Library Service  
Dawn Dale, Georgia Public Library Service  
Dixie Henning, Houston County Public Libraries  
Elaine Hardy, Georgia Public Library Service 
Terran McCanna, Georgia Public Library Service
Elizabeth McKinney, Georgia Public Library Service  
George Tuttle, Piedmont Regional Library
Jennifer Durham, Statesboro Regional Library
Jennifer Lawley, West Georgia Regional Library
Latoya Davidson, Twin Lakes Library System
Priscilla Lewis, Athens Regional Library
Tina Jordan, Chestatee Regional Library

Contract Staff

Chris DeBellis, Emerald Data Networks
Darrell Rodgers, Emerald Data Networks

Documentation and Work In Progress

Quick Reports Screen Mockups