Mission Statement

The purpose of the Georgia Library Public Information Network for Electronic Services (PINES) is to provide the State’s citizens with free and reliable access to Georgia public library collections and information through an Internet-based multi-system union catalog.


  • To provide more equitable distribution of library resources to all Georgians by expanding access to Georgia Public Library collections and services.
  • Use PINES technology to encourage statewide lending among all Georgia Public Libraries.
  • Establish and maintain a state of the art Georgia Library PINES telecommunications network to facilitate statewide lending of public library resources.
  • Establish and maintain a Georgia Library PINES governance structure to respond to the changing needs of Georgia libraries.
  • Create and maintain Georgia Library PINES union catalog.
  • Provide statewide lending of materials through the use of the Georgia Library PINES card.
  • Train library staff in PINES policies and procedures.
  • Utilize PINES statistics and reports to enhance library services.
  • Establish Georgia as a leader in sharing library resources electronically.
  • PINES libraries agree to a common set of policies and procedures so that patrons have a consistent experience at any PINES library.