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Cash Reports

This interface displays the amount of money taken in per workstation and totals cash, check, and credit card payments taken on a selected date or within a date range. If you need more detailed line item information about payments received, you may run reports.

To access Cash Reports:

  1. Go to Local Administration > Cash Reports.
  2. Adjust the Start Date and End Date based on the timeframe you would like to see. The default for each field is today's date.
  3. The library location will default to your workstation location. If you would like to see the cash report for a different location, click on the View Reports: field and select the appropriate branch.
  4. Click Submit.

The Desk Payments tab shows the totals for cash, check, and credit card payments. The Staff User Payments tab shows the totals for payments that were forgiven. The other options (Patron Credit, Goods, and Work) are not used in PINES and therefore should not populate with totals.

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