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Registering Workstations

Before Evergreen can be used, a “workstation” must be registered. This process assigns a name to the workstation that gets recorded in the activity / auditing logs in the Evergreen database and also affects what information you will see on certain screens. Most computers will only need a single workstation name set up. However, it is possible to set up multiple workstation names associated with different branch locations for those staff members who do work for multiple branches (such as catalogers or local administrators).

Workstations can only be registered by staff members with a LibraryManager, LocalAdmin, or CatCoord type of account. If a computer has multiple Windows logins (a different Windows login for each staff person that uses it), then a workstation will have to be registered for each one (however, it can be the same workstation name if you want settings to be the same).

To register the first workstation on a computer, simply log in with a LibraryManager, LocalAdmin, or CatCoord account. You will be prompted to register a workstation before proceeding further.

If a workstation cannot be registered, verify that the date/time/time zone on the computer are correct, and that JavaScript and Cookies are enabled in the browser.
Workstation Registration

Registering Multiple Workstations

Staff such as LocalAdmins and Catalogers that support multiple locations may have a need to log in as if they are at a different location. To do this, they may register workstations for each required location:

  1. In Evergreen, go to Administration > Workstation > Registered Workstations.
  2. Under “Register a New Workstation for This Browser” select the appropriate branch and type in a workstation name.
  3. Click Register.
  4. Log out. The login screen should now show the new workstation in the dropdown list of registered workstation names.
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