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OPAC - Default to Local Branch

PINES libraries typically want their OPAC stations to search their own branch by default. This can be done in two ways: manually and automatically.

Manual Setup

To set up an OPAC station manually, you will need to “hard-code” the URL with your library's database ID (found here: In your OPAC station's browser, set the URL for the home page to:<library id>

For example, for the Bogart library, which has the id 9, the resulting URL would be:;carousel_loc=9

The manual approach requires that you physically set the URL at each of your libraries' OPAC stations. This is the only way for library systems behind a single public IP address to use this feature. (Note that the example also controls which New Books carousel will appear on the page with the carousel_loc parameter. Typically, this will be set to the same ID.)

Automatic/Server-Side Setup

To use PINES' automatic IP redirection, you will need to supply PINES/GPLS staff with the public IP address ranges for each library location. This will then be added to a file that lives on the PINES servers with this format:

<Library Short Name> <start ip> <end ip>

For example:


The address you provide to PINES/GPLS staff must be your library’s public IP address. IP addresses in the private/reserved ranges, 192.168.X.X, 172.16.X.X - 17.31.X.X, and 10.X.X.X are only valid inside your local area network and will not work for the PINES side file. Note that the WGRL-BO example, while in the correct format, would not actually work for this purpose.

The server side file is consulted each time anyone visits, and if their IP matches a range on our list, they will be redirected to searching that library or system.

If your library changes its IP addresses, please contact the Help Desk with the new IP addresses. GALILEO also uses library IP addresses for in-branch authentication with online resources, so you should also contact GALILEO.
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