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Custom Staff Portal Page

New feature as of January 2023 upgrade to Evergreen 3.10

PINES Local Administrators have the option to customize the options that appear on the portal page (aka, splash page) for their staff at either the system level or at the branch level.

For instance, a library system may wish to add a link to their own local policies documentation to the documentation section, or may wish to add a new section with links to specific online resources. Simple messages (as opposed to links) may also be added here for alerts and reminders.


Please note that custom portal pages do not inherit entries from higher level portal pages. If you create a new portal page entry at a branch level without cloning the entries from another location then the portal page will only show the new entry you have created.
  1. Go to Administration > Local Administration > Staff Portal Page
  2. Click Clone a Library's Portal Page Entries:
    1. Source Library: PINES
    2. Target Library: (choose the system or branch you are creating a portal page for)
    3. Clear Entries at Target Library: If there are already some customizations at the system or branch that you are creating a portal page for, check this box if you want to clear them and start fresh. Leave it unchecked if you wish to clone entries without clearing out existing entries.
  3. If necessary, change the library selector dropdown to show the system or branch you are working on. You should see all of the entries that were cloned to your custom portal in the previous step. The “Owner” column should show your system or branch code.
  4. To Delete an entry:
    1. Check the box to the left of the entry (or entries) you wish to delete.
    2. Use the Actions menu to “Delete Selected.”
  5. To Edit an entry:
    1. Double-click on the entry to edit. You may also use the Actions menu to “Edit Selected.”
  6. To Add an entry:
    1. Click “New Portal Page Entry” and fill out the pop-up form.
    2. Entry Label: The wording that will appear on the portal page.
    3. Entry Type:
      • Catalog Search Box: Simple search box
      • Header: Column header (use if creating a new section)
      • Link: Use for links to external sites (eg, the library's web page)
      • Menu Item: Use for links to specific pages within the staff client
      • Text and/or HTML: Use for messages and alerts that are not linked
    4. Entry Image URL: The web address to the image you wish to display next to an entry.
      • If the image exists on the server, you may use a relative path (eg, “/images/portal/helpdesk.png”) but if the image is uploaded to your own web server then the full path must be used (eg, “”).
      • The optimal image size is 48×48 pixels.
    5. Page Column: The number (eg, 3) indicating the column you wish the new entry to appear in. If creating a new section, enter a new number (eg, 4). Please note that the system is only set up to manage three columns horizontally, so a fourth column will appear on a new row below the first three.
    6. Column Position: The number (eg, 2) indicating the order in which you wish your entries to appear within the column. When creating a column header, enter 0 (zero).
    7. Owner: The system or branch you are modifying.

To Revert a Custom Portal Page

If you have created a custom portal page and wish to revert back to the PINES default portal page, simply delete all of the entries that have been created at your system or branch.

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