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Hatch is an optional installable program that works with your browser to manage complex printing needs (such as printing to different printers under different circumstances). Hatch was originally designed to store local settings (such as visible column settings and customized print templates), but those settings are now stored on the server (under the workstation name).

As of Evergreen 3.4 (which PINES upgraded to January 2020), Hatch now stores a list of the workstations that have been registered on the current computer as well, so if you need to clear the browser cookies, the dropdown list of registered workstations will no longer disappear.

Hatch is only currently supported on 64-bit Windows machines.

1. Update Java

Hatch requires the current Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If you are unsure which version you have, view your computer's list of programs. You can download the latest version at:

2. Download and Install Hatch

If you had an earlier version of Hatch installed, you may want to uninstall it first. If so, look for the program called “Evergreen ILS - Hatch - Java based Print Service and Local Storage System.”

First, install the Hatch program:

Verify that the browser extension was installed when the Hatch program installed. If it did not, manually install and enable it:

3. Configure Hatch

  1. Navigate to the web client site: (or for the PINES test server).
  2. Log in with your staff account.
  3. Click on Administration > Workstation > Print/Storage Service (“Hatch”).
  4. Check the “Use Hatch for Printing” box. (Do not store local settings in Hatch.)
  5. Return to the Home Page (you may need to re-set up your workstation and log in again).

4. Configure Printers

Go to Administration > Workstation > Printer Settings

Default Tab

  1. Set Printer to go to your laser printer.
  2. Ensure that Paper Type is set correctly.
  3. Adjust any other settings as you wish.
  4. Click Apply Changes.

Receipt Tab

  1. Set Printer to go to your receipt printer.
  2. Ensure that your Paper Type is set to Roll Paper 80 x 297 mm (or whichever roll size your receipt printer uses).
  3. Set Automatic Margins to HARDWARE_MINIMUM.
  4. Click Apply Changes.

Label Tab
(Most staff will not have a label printer, so this step can be skipped.)

  1. Set Printer to go to your label printer.
  2. Ensure that your Paper Type is set to the appropriate type.
  3. Set Automatic Margins to HARDWARE MINIMUM.
  4. Click Apply Changes.

Mail Tab

  1. Set Printer to go to whichever printer you wish to print mailing addresses to (this may be a laser printer, label printer, or receipt printer, depending on your local configuration).
  2. Set Paper Source appropriately (ie, if using envelopes in a laser printer, choose Manual).
  3. Set the Paper Type appropriately.
  4. Set the Page Orientation appropriately (relevant if printing to something such as an envelope).
  5. Click Apply Changes.

Offline Tab

  1. Set Printer to go to your receipt printer.
  2. Ensure that your Paper Type is set to Roll Paper 80 x 297 mm (or whichever roll size your receipt printer uses).
  3. Set Automatic Margins to HARDWARE_MINIMUM.
  4. Click Apply Changes.

5. Force Printer Context

If your receipts appear to be printing to the default printer even though you have the receipt printer configured, you may need to do this step as well.

  1. Go to Administration > Workstation > Print Templates.
  2. Select the first template type.
  3. Choose the desired printer from the Force Printer Context (ie, Default or Receipt) dropdown.
  4. Click Save Locally.
  5. Repeat for each of the other templates.

If you export your print templates, the export will contain these printer context settings as well.

How to Reconnect if You Clear Your Cookies

If you clear your browser cookies, you will lose your workstation name. However, if you register a workstation with the same name, you can restore your settings from the server as well as reconnect Hatch.

  1. Log in with a LibraryManager or LocalAdmin account.
  2. Create a workstation with the same name that was used before clearing cookies.
  3. Click Use Now to log in again.
  4. Navigate to Administration > Workstation > Print/Storage Service (“Hatch”).
  5. Check only the 'Use Hatch for Printing' box.
  6. Click on the Home icon.
  7. You will be returned to the workstation registration screen again - click Use Now to log in again.
  8. Your local settings and print configuration should now be restored.


If you are seeing unusual Hatch problems that you are unable to resolve, please go through the Troubleshooting steps first to ensure that all versions and settings are correct, and to gather console error information to submit to the Help Desk for assistance.

Reinstalling Hatch

If you need to reinstall Hatch, be sure to completely uninstall the previous version first. For best results, we recommend that you also delete the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google folder if it is present.

Chrome Browser Setting for Preload Pages

If your Chrome browser begins loading white pages, you may be encountering a problem with the “Preload pages” browser setting. To disable this setting, go into Chrome settings → Performance → Turn off Preload pages.

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