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Carousel Widgets

PINES creates automated New Books carousels for each library location and system. These appear on the public catalog's main page and can be loaded via an iframe in an external site (see below).

Libraries can also build custom carousels by creating a shared record bucket and submitting a Help Desk ticket for assistance with the record bucket's ID.

Beginning with the January 2022 upgrade, you can load the automatically generated “New Book” carousels for either a branch or system into your own web page.

  1. Go to and use the New Library Materials dropdown to select a carousel.
  2. Look at the browser's address bar and make a note of the carousel location ID. For example, if the address is then the number you want is 19. (This is the same as the ID of the branch or system.)
  3. Edit the HTML of your library's web page to embed the custom URL of the carousel in an iframe (some content management systems might offer additional options). For example:
<iframe src="" title="Carousel" width="100%" height="300" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

The Library Bookshelves widget for Wordpress sites allows you to create one or more carousels (aka, sliders) of selected items.

After installing the widget on your site, configure it for use with PINES:

  1. In the widget, go to Bookshelves > Settings.
  2. Change the Catalog System option to “Evergreen (Record)”.
  3. Change the Image CDN option to “Evergreen (Record)”.

Then, add the Bib IDs of the items you wish to highlight. (You can find the Bib IDs by looking at the record number in the item's catalog page URL, or the 001 field in the MARC record, or by running reports of new items that display the item IDs.)

Example of a page with the widget installed:

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