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Evergreen's Self-Check Interface

Evergreen's built-in self-check interface runs through a web browser, so it can be set up on an ordinary workstation in kiosk mode at or near the circulation desk.

What You Will Need

  • Workstation (with Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse - best results are obtained with the Windows OS, especially for printing)
  • Receipt Printer
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Opt: If your library uses RFID tags or magnetic tattle-strips, you will need a third party device to disable them upon checkout

Setting It Up

Main link:

When you first go to this link, you will need to log in as staff with a high enough permission to set up a workstation (LocalAdmin or Library Manager - just like you would if you were installing the staff client on a new machine).

After you log in with your staff account, you'll see that the URL has changed to include your location and workstation name (something like this: - this is the workstation-specific URL that you'll want to set as the home page for the workstation.

After the workstation is set up, patrons can log in (user name & password), check out books, see what they already have checked out, see what they have on hold, and see what fines they have.


You will need to install your receipt printer's driver. In your browser, be sure the print settings are set to the correct paper (roll) size, be sure your margins are set to zero, and turn off headers and footers.

If you wish to auto-print to the receipt printer without prompting the patron with the print dialog box, you can enable silent printing in the browser.

Kiosk Mode

You will need to configure your kiosk settings to allow traffic to, and set the workstation-specific URL to be the home page. If your library is set up to accept credit cards through the OPAC, it won't currently work through the self-check, but if you give patrons access to the My Account page, they will be able to pay through the normal OPAC.

Setting up the Evergreen Self-Check with Windows All-In-One
Presentation by Jennifer Golden of Coastal Plain Regional Library System

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