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Expectations for Acquisitions

The Evergreen Acquisitions module DOES:

  • Allow you to keep track of your funds and purchased items with as much granularity as desired
  • Allow you to run reports on your spending and purchased items
  • Provide structure to your purchasing process
  • Have up-to-date information on fund balances, encumbered and spent funds
  • Provide second point of reconciliation with accounting software
  • Allow you to continue to use vendor websites while also utilizing Evergreen for fund tracking
  • Accomodate for both in-house and vendor supplied cataloging services
  • Provide accountability for purchases, receipt of materials, and fund management via permission levels and user actions tracking
  • Provide the option for using on-order holds for your patrons
  • Allow staff to see on-order items in the catalog, even if you choose not to do on-order holds for patrons

However, Acquisitions DOES NOT:

  • Communicate with your accounting system (e.g. Blackbaud)
  • Send payments to vendors
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