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Each provider profile represents a vendor account. Each vendor account used in the acquisitions process needs a provider profile. This profile contains information pertaining to contacting the provider, claiming, EDI, and holdings subfields. Providers can be edited should information change.

If you are using EDI with a particular provider and you have multiple accounts, each account will need its own provider profile.

An ongoing list of vendors who offer MARC downloads and/or EDI ordering is here.

You can also watch videos on providers here through the PINES Learning Center.

Create a provider

Providers must be created in the Acquisitions module before users can create purchase orders for providers.

1. Select Administration→Acquisitions Administration→Providers.

2. Click New Provider.

3. Fill in the fields. Information on specific fields is available in the Provider Profile.

4. Click Save.

Provider Profile

  • Provider name (required)
  • Code (required) - Create a unique code for the provider. No character limit.
This code is used throughout Acquisitions to identify the provider, so make sure it's intelligible.
  • Owner (required) - The owner is the organizational unit(s) whose staff can use this provider. If all organizational units can use the provider, use the system rather than one particular branch.
  • Currency (required) - The currency the provider is paid in.
  • Active (required) - Select “active” to activate the provider. Unchecking this box deactivates the provider. Providers must be active in order for purchase orders to be created from that provider.
  • Default # Copies - Enter the default number of copies, if desired. Optional
When line items are added to purchase orders for this provider, the default number of copies will automatically be created.
  • Default claim policy - Leave blank.
  • EDI Default - Leave blank, it will be entered by PINES staff
  • Email - Provider's email address
  • Fax Phone - Provider's fax number
  • Holdings tag (required) - Enter 962
  • Prepayment required - Check the box if the provider requires payment before goods are received.
  • SAN - Leave this blank, it will be entered by PINES staff
  • URL - The Web address for the provider's website
After you save the provider profile, the screen reloads so that you can save additional information about the provider. You can also access this Provider Details screen by clicking the hyperlinked name of the provider on the Providers screen. The tabs on the Provider Details screen allow you to add a provider address, provider contacts, attribute definitions, and holdings subfields. You can also view invoices associated with the provider on the Provider Details screen.

Add an additional address

A provider's address appears on printed purchase orders and invoices for that provider. Additional addresses can be added to the provider profile for providers with multiple offices.

1. Open the provider you would like to add an address to.

2. Click New Provider Address. A pop-up will appear.

3. Enter a name for the address in the Address Type field.

4. Fill in the address details. Required fields are:

  • Street 1
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Post Code

5. Check the box next to “Is Valid?” if the address is valid.

6. Click Save.

Add a contact

The names of contacts and their specific contact details can be added to providers.

1. Open the provider you would like to add a contact to.

2. Click the Provider Contact tab.

3.Click New Contact. A pop-up will appear.

4. Enter the name of the contact, the contact's role, email, and phone number in the respective fields.

5. Click Save.

6. Click Reload.

Add an address to a contact

Addresses can be attached to specific contacts.

1. Open the Provider Contact tab.

2. Click New Contact Address further down the page. A pop-up will appear.

3. In the Type field, enter the type of address for your contact.

4. From the Contact drop down menu, select the ID number of your contact.

5. Fill in the address details. Required fields are:

  • Street 1
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Postal Code

6. Check the box adjacent to “Is Valid?” if the address is valid.

7. Click Save.

Edit a provider

Provider information can be updated at any time.

1. Select Admin→Acquisitions Administration→Providers.

2. If needed, use the Filter to locate the desired provider.

3. Click the hyperlinked name of the provider you would like to edit.


4. Make your changes in the top half of the Provider Details screen.

5. Click Save.

Delete a provider

Before a provider can be deleted, any additional addresses, contacts, attribute definitions, and holdings subfields must be deleted first. You are then able to delete the provider on the Provider List page by checking the box adjacent to the provider's name and clicking Delete Selected.

You can only delete providers if no purchase orders have been assigned to them.

Attribute definitions

Not currently in use by PINES libraries.

Holding subfields

Holding subfields are used with a 962 Holdings Tag to allow you to specify subfields within the holdings tags to which your provider adds holdings information. There is no way to globally set holdings subfields; they are done on each individual provider profile.

1. To set these, go to a specific provider (Administration > Acquisitions Administration > Providers) and click the hyperlinked name of the provider you want to add 962 information to.

2. On the provider header information, be sure that 962 is listed in the Holdings Subfield field. If not, add it, and then click the Save button.

Reminder: Clicking the Save button in provider profiles does not refresh the page, but it does save. If you want to confirm, you can click the square in-browser Refresh button.

3. From the tabs inside the provider, click the Holdings Subfield tab.

4. To add a subfield, click the New Holding Subfield button. That will pop up this window:

This is where you're going to specify which subfields Evergreen uses to look for the price / quantity / branch / etc. when you upload your carts. You must follow the letters below, or your carts will not import the info correctly.

Name Subfield Required?
Quantity q Required
Price p Required
Branch b Optional
Fund f Optional

5. Choose the attribute you're starting with (like Quantity) and choose it from the list. Then enter the appropriate letter in the Subfield field, and hit Save.

Enter only the letter, in lowercase.

The page will refresh, and you'll see a list of holdings subfields:

6. Repeat the process until you've finished adding all of your holdings subfields.

View a provider's invoices

1. Open a provider.

2. Click on the Invoices tab.


3. All invoices for the provider will display. Use the column headers to sort. Use the hyperlinked Back and Next to advance through the pages of invoices. You can click on the hyperlinked name of an invoice to view it.

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