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Blocked and Barred Patrons

User Status - Blocked

If a patron’s record is automatically blocked due to excessive fines ($10.00 or above), the patron's name will appear in red when the patron record is retrieved. The patron will not be able to check out or renew items until the reasons for the block are resolved.

Block reasons are recorded in the Messages section of the patron’s account. Blocks are automatically removed when the reason for the block is resolved. Blocks may also be manually removed by highlighting the block(s) and going to Actions for these Penalties > Remove from Patron.

A staff member may also create a manual block on a patrons account if necessary.

  1. Retrieve the patron account.
  2. Open the Messages tab.
  3. Click the 'Apply Penalty / Message' button.
  4. Select 'Block' as the Penalty Type.
  5. Add a concise note explaining the block and how it can be removed.
  6. Enter the staff member's first initial and last name in case there are any questions about the block.
  7. Click OK.

User Status - Barred

Barred is a status that should be reserved for serious offenses, such as theft of library materials. Each Library Director or designee shall decide the circumstances under which a patron may be barred, and must enter the reason for the barring in an alert message (Notes > Create Note > Alert) on the patron account [1999.10]. This alert should also include the name of the library which barred the patron.

It is PINES policy that only the library that barred the patron can unbar said patron. If a barred patron presents items for checkout at other than the library that barred the patron, they should be directed to speak with that library to resolve outstanding issues and restore library privileges. Only staff assigned to the LocalAdmin group have the permission to unbar patrons.

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