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Volunteers in the Library

The library has an obligation to protect the confidentiality of patron and circulation records and would be liable for any exposure of those records whether it be via paid employee or volunteer. Policy decisions as to which staff will have access to the records must be made with great care.

As there is no reliable enforcement mechanism for ensuring this confidentiality for volunteers like there is with employees, the PINES Executive Committee has endorsed a policy that does not allow volunteers to access any of the staff functions of the PINES system. [2020.12]

Paid employees of local workforce development programs (e.g., AmeriCorps) that partner with the library are not considered volunteers, as they are held liable for violations by their employing entity. Program employees can access staff functions in Evergreen with the stipulations that they are properly trained on PINES, have signed the Code of Ethics Agreement, and are supervised by library staff.

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