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Baskets in the staff catalog are used to temporarily collect bibliographic records. The basket can be used to place a hold on multiple records at once, print or email record details, add records to a record bucket, and export records.

Please note that you only have one basket in Evergreen. If you need to save a basket for later, or create a new basket, you will need to add the basket to a bucket, then empty the basket. Also, remember that the basket is temporary. The basket will empty if you log out of Evergreen.

Adding Records to the Basket

To add a record to the basket:

  1. Find the record by conducting a search in the Staff Catalog.
  2. Check the checkbox that appears between the result number and the cover image of the desired result. The record is automatically added to your basket, and the number next to the Basket Actions button in the search form increases.
  3. To add all records on the page, check the checkbox between the search form and the search results. All results on the page are selected.
  4. To add records from additional pages, navigate to the desired page and check the same checkbox between the search form and the search results.
  5. To add all search results, select Basket Actions in the search form below the Library Selector. (If your search returned many results, this action may take a long time.)

Removing Records from the Basket

To remove a record from the basket:

  1. Uncheck the checkbox between the result number and the cover image. You can do this from the search results page or from the basket. The record is removed from the basket.
  2. To remove all records from the basket, select the Basket Actions button in the search form. Then, select Clear Basket. All records are removed from the basket.

Viewing the Basket

To view a basket, select the basket icon in the search form, located to the left of the Basket Actions button. The basket opens.

You may also select Basket Actions → View Basket.

Records appear in the basket exactly as they appear in the search results. However, Facets are unavailable in the basket.

Place Hold

To place a hold on every item in the basket, select Basket Actions → Place Hold. The Place Hold form appears. Place the hold the same way you place a hold for one or more titles.

To print the details of each record in the basket, select Basket Actions → Print Title Details. A printer-friendly version of the basket will appear.

Records will appear in the same order they appear in the basket and will be numbered. Each entry on the list will contain the bibliographic ID number, ISBN, title, author, publisher, publication date, and item type.

Email Title Details

To email a summary of the basket contents, select Basket Actions → Email Title Details. A plaintext summary of the basket will be emailed to the address associated with your Evergreen account. The email will contain title, author, publisher, publication date, item type, bibliographic ID number, and ISBN.

Add Basket to Bucket

To add the basket to a bucket.

  1. Select Basket Actions → Add Basket to Bucket. The Add # Items to Bucket window appears.
  2. You can either add to an existing bucket, create a new bucket, or add to a shared bucket. Once you've selected which type of bucket you would like to add the records to, click Add To Selected Bucket.

Once the records are added, the window closes and the items are added to the bucket. A confirmation message appears at the bottom of the screen.

Export Records

To export the records in the basket:

  1. Select Basket Actions → Export Records. The MARC Batch Import/Export page opens.
  2. The Record Type may not be changed.
  3. Select the desired Record Format from the dropdown menu. You may choose MARC21, UNIMARC, MARC XML, or Evergreen Record Entry.
  4. Select the desired Record Encoding from the dropdown menu. You may select UTF-8 or MARC8.
  5. If you wish to include holdings in the records export, check the checkbox.
  6. Select Export. The file is downloaded.

To return to your search results, click Return to the Catalog.

This staff catalog documentation was produced through a collaboration between Evergreen Indiana and the Evergreen Documentation Group in March 2024 (Attributes: Copyright © 2008-2018 Evergreen Indiana; Copyright © 2009-2018 Evergreen DIG).

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