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Georgia Confidentiality Law: The Georgia Law (O.C.G.A. 24.12.30. Confidential nature of library records) prohibits the disclosure of any patron information, including titles checked out, amount of fines/fees owed, and phone numbers/addresses. All PINES library staff recognize the strict confidentiality of library records, and shall not disclose any information regarding library patrons unless legally compelled. If proper legal documents are presented, a Library Director or designee must approve the decision to release confidential records.

Confidentiality of Patron Information: Patron data such as email address, phone number or mailing address cannot be used for purposes other than PINES transactions initiated by library patrons. Board of Regents legal counsel has indicated that in their opinion that state and federal privacy laws prevent use of PINES patron records for any business other than library transactions initiated by the patron. Allowable use of data may include overdue notices, preminders, holds notices. Patron information may not be used for county mailings, Friends of Libraries solicitations, and unsolicited e-mail communications from the library staff [2009.05].

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