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Georgia Confidentiality Law
The Georgia Law (O.C.G.A. 24.12.30. Confidential nature of library records) prohibits the disclosure of any patron information, including titles checked out, amount of fines/fees owed, and phone numbers/addresses. All PINES library staff recognize the strict confidentiality of library records, and shall not disclose any information regarding library patrons unless legally compelled. If proper legal documents are presented, a Library Director or designee must approve the decision to release confidential records.

Confidentiality of Patron Information
Patron data such as email address, phone number or mailing address cannot be used for purposes other than PINES transactions initiated by library patrons. Board of Regents legal counsel has indicated that in their opinion that state and federal privacy laws prevent use of PINES patron records for any business other than library transactions initiated by the patron. Allowable use of data may include overdue notices, preminders, holds notices. Patron information may not be used for county mailings, Friends of Libraries solicitations, and unsolicited e-mail communications from the library staff [2009.05].

Customer Lifecycle Management and Market Analytics Platforms
Libraries may utilize customer lifecycle management and market analytics platforms such as Savannah/Orange Boy, Tableau or LibraryIQ with the stipulations that the BOR legal team has outlined. The BOR legal team has stipulated that libraries may use these types of products using anonymized data for collection and user analysis and that patron data can be used IF the patron was “opted in” to receive such communications. In order to do this, libraries can create a specific stat cat (used during the patron registration process) to ask the patron if they would like to receive communications from that platform. Then library staff can mark them as “opt in”. For existing patrons, library staff could do a marketing push to get them signed up. It would be the same process as above with library staff manually marking patrons who consent as “opted in”. Note: in handling user information, the BOR legal team and ITS must approve handling of data before any library can move forward with their contract. Please consult the PINES third party hardware and software policy for further details.

PINES Code of Ethics

Organization: Georgia PINES
Date: November 10, 1999

Georgia Code 21-5-1
Georgia Canons of Ethics
ALA Statement on Professional Ethics 1975, 1988, 1995


I acknowledge that I have an obligation to the Georgia PINES Project:

  • I shall not violate the privacy and confidentiality of information entrusted to me or to which I may gain access, including a patron's private information or reading records. A patron's personal information, history, or records will not be provided to anyone without legal authorization. Further, I agree to take appropriate action in regard to any illegal or unethical practices that come to my attention.
  • I shall not use knowledge of a confidential nature to further my personal interests or for personal gain.
  • I have an obligation to the PINES Project to use equipment and software only for the purposes intended.
  • I shall keep my personal skills and knowledge up-to-date and insure that proper expertise is available to the public as needed.
  • I will share my knowledge by participating on PINES Committees; I will recommend policies and procedures to improve service delivery in accordance with the participation agreement
  • I shall accept full responsibility for the work I perform.
  • I shall cooperate with other PINES members, treating them with honesty and respect.
  • I will avoid conflict of interest and insure that the appropriate PINES management is aware of any potential conflicts.
  • I will not exploit the weakness of a computer system for personal gain or personal satisfaction.

Library System:

PINES Code of Ethics Printable PDF

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