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Renewing Items

Most items can be renewed twice (see the PINES Circulation Matrix for exceptions). After items have been renewed the maximum number of times, they must be returned and made available for all library patrons. Certain categories of materials are not eligible for renewal. If there are more pending holds on a record than there are available copies, then it may not be renewed [2021.12]. Selected staff will have the authority to force the renewal in special circumstances.

To accomplish a renewal, the patron must present his/her PINES card or read his/her PINES barcode number to staff over the phone. Staff is encouraged to ask for a second item of identification, such as address or telephone number, to verify the identity of the caller. Staff may also look up an account using an approved form of identification (for example, a driver's license). Items will not be renewed with patron name only. Patrons may also renew their checked out items via the My Account feature of the OPAC or through the PINES app. When an item is in hand, no library card is required in order to renew the item.

Historical Note: Prior to March 1, 2022, items could not be renewed if there were any pending holds that the item could fill. Currently, the renewal process considers the ratio of available copies to holds and will allow the renewal to proceed as long as there are enough available copies to fill all pending holds.

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