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Lost / Stolen Cards

If a patron comes into the library and reports their PINES card lost or stolen, ask for ID to verify the name of the patron. Use the patron search function to search for and retrieve the patron record. Click Edit, then click the Replace Barcode button and assign a new card to the patron.

If a patron reports a card lost or stolen by telephone (or is otherwise not present), place a temporary Block on the account (Notes > Create Note > Block) until the patron is able to come into the library to pick up a new card. This will prevent anyone else who finds the card from using it.

There is no charge for a replacement card [2022.09].

Historical Note: Between October 1999 - September 2022 the charge for a replacement card was $2.00.

If the patron uses their card number as their username for PINES account access, consult with the patron as to whether the username should be updated to the new card number.

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