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Credit Card Payments

At the Desk

Libraries may contract with the credit card processing vendor of choice (many libraries have chosen Square) to accept credit card payments at the desk. These vendors are not connected to PINES, so any payments that are accepted in this way will need to also be entered by staff in order to update the patron's account.

Stripe Payments through the OPAC

Libraries may opt to take credit card payments online through the OPAC. When patrons log in to My Account, if their home library has credit card payments enabled then they will see the ability to pay online. (If the home library does not have credit card payments enabled, the patron will just see the fine information, but not the option to pay online.)

To date, every PINES library that has opted to accept credit card payments has chosen Stripe as the vendor of choice.

  1. Set up an account with Stripe
    • A single account can be created for all branches in the regional system, or separate accounts can be created for each branch.
  2. After setup, Stripe will provide you with four keys for each account.
    • test private key, test public key, live private key, live public key
  3. Submit a Help Desk ticket with the four keys and which system or branch they should be applied to.
  4. PINES staff will enable the appropriate options on your account and patrons will be able to begin online payments immediately.

Stripe Coverage
Updated June 2024 - Systems using Stripe shown in dark green. Please note that some systems only accept Stripe through specific locations.

Reconciling Stripe Payments with Evergreen

If there is a connectivity issue or an issue such as a negative bill on the patron's account, you may occasionally encounter a problem where Stripe will accept the payment but it will not get recorded in Evergreen. It is important to regularly reconcile your Stripe report with your Evergreen report to identify any possible issues that need to be manually corrected.

Other Vendors

Evergreen should also be capable of connecting with and with PayPal, but no PINES libraries have opted to use them so we cannot make any guarantees. If you wish to use one of those vendors instead of Stripe, contact the Help Desk for assistance.

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