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Circulating Items

General Policies

Circulation Matrix

Circulation and Hold Data Retention

With a few exceptions, circulation and hold data that has been resolved/closed is archived by the system after one year. Archiving this data does not affect statistical reporting, such as total number of circulations per item, circulation staff, circulation workstation, and circulating library.

Circulation data with outstanding fines or fees, including Lost and Long Overdue, is retained. Circulation information is also retained for those patrons that opt to have the system store their circulation history.

However, when looking at the “Show Last Few Circulations” item screen or the “Show Cancelled Holds” patron screen, data older than a year is not be displayed.

Default Item Price

Items that have never had a price assigned use $25.01 as the default item price [2007.12]. That is, if the price in the database is NULL, $25.01 is used when assigning Lost, Long Overdue, and Damaged charges. If the price in the database is 0 or blank, then no item price will be automatically used when assigning Lost, Long Overdue, and Damaged charges, and staff will need to add the price to the bill manually.

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