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PINES Staff Accounts

PINES library staff members are granted passwords for access to the PINES database via the Evergreen staff client. PINES member libraries are required to change PINES passwords once a year [2002.09], and at the library’s discretion when a key staff member with high-level access leaves, or if an employee leaves under hostile circumstances [2005.08].

Libraries may choose to use shared logins for circulation staff, but using individual logins for each staff member allows for better tracking and accountability. If a shared login is used, the password should be changed when anyone who uses that shared login leaves employment. If individual logins are used, the account should be changed from a staff account to a patron account if the staff member leaves employment.

Staff with a 'Library Manager' account may update circulation staff accounts. Staff with a 'Local Admin' account may update all other types of accounts except CatCoord and Cat1 accounts. Local Admin accounts may only be created by PINES staff at the request of the library director after the staff member has successfully completed the required local admin certification, and Cat1 accounts may only be created after a staff member has successfully completed required Cat1 training. CatCoord accounts require Cat1 training as well as the completion of the CatCoord certification. Staff with Local Admin, CatCoord, or Cat1 accounts should submit help desk requests when the accounts need to be renewed or otherwise updated.

As of the January 2023 Evergreen upgrade, staff will not be able to log in to the staff client with an expired account. Most account types expire after 2 years and will need to be renewed by library staff or by submitting a help desk ticket.

Although staff members cannot edit their own accounts in the staff client, they may log in to the My Account portion of the online catalog to update their password, search preferences, etc.

In the event of presentation of a National Security/FBI letter requesting information under the PATRIOT ACT, any PINES Director may give his/her system password access to PINES [2006.01].

Staff need to have at least one Working Location set. To set the working location, go to the staff account and click Other > User Permission Editor, then select the appropriate location(s).
Staff should read, agree to, and sign the PINES Code of Ethics.

See also: Staff Permission Groups (aka Profiles)

When A Staff Member Leaves Employment

When a PINES staff member leaves employment, his or her account should be immediately changed from a staff permission group to the standard Patron permission group. The secondary permission group should also be checked and removed to ensure that no other staff permission group is assigned to the account. The email address and other contact info should be updated to reflect personal rather than business information.

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