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Shortcut / Function Keys

There are some pages in the staff client that use embedded content (the catalog is an example of this). The shortcut keys will not work properly if you are on one of these pages and your mouse cursor context is inside of the embedded content. If you click in the white space around the edge of the page outside of the embedded content, the shortcut keys will then work.
Shortcut Key Description
F1Check Out
F2 Check In
F3Search Catalog
F4Search Patrons
F5Item Status
F6Record In-House Use
F8Retrieve Last Patron
F9Reprint Last Receipt
Shift-F1Register Patron
Shift-F2Capture Holds
Shift-F3Search for Record by TCN
Shift-F8Retrieve Last Record
Ctrl-NNew Window
Ctrl-TNew Tab
Ctrl-WClose Tab
Ctrl-Shift-TUndo Close Tab (open last closed tab)
Ctrl-F5Refresh / Reload Page
Ctrl-TabSwitch between browser tabs (from left to right)
Ctrl-Shift-TabSwitch between browser tabs (from right to left)
Ctrl-1Switch to the First Tab
Ctrl-9Switch to the Last Tab
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EndGo to Bottom of Page

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