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Collection/Materials Recovery Agencies

Some PINES libraries contract with collection/materials recovery agencies to collect outstanding fines and fees or to recover lost materials. The following policies and procedures apply to this arrangement within PINES:

  • A library may send any patrons to collections who have overdue materials as a result of transactions originating from the library in question, regardless of item ownership or patron home library [2007.05].
  • When a patron is referred to collections, a Note or Alert should be added to the patron account to indicate which library took action.
  • Only the referring library may remove the collections status.
  • Patron accounts in collections status may be paid at any PINES library. Payments will be retained by the collection library unless the owning library sends an invoice for payment reimbursal to the collection library within 90 days of the payment date. [2018.09] Collection agency fees that are automatically added to the accounts that have been referred to collections may also be invoiced if they are paid at the non-referring library.
Prior to September 2018, patrons whose accounts were in collections status were required to pay their bill at the referring library [2003.05].
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