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Inactive Patrons

PINES will mark users “inactive” in the patron database three (3) years after the last use of a PINES library card, if the card has not been blocked [2002.12]. A server process runs nightly which identifies inactive patrons and marks them as such.

A PINES patron account is considered “inactive” if all of the following conditions are met:

  • a patron has no items currently out.
  • there are no bills on the patron’s account.
  • there has been no activity such as circulations, renewals, check-ins, payment of bills, placement of holds for 3 or more years.

In keeping with current ideas about what constitutes library “use,” PINES also defines a user as “active” when she/he accesses any of the following non-circulation-related services with her/his library card [2008.11]:

  • Use of library computers (unless “circulated”)
  • In-library wi-fi access
  • E-books or audiobook downloads
  • GALILEO databases (whether or not authenticated through the OPAC).
  • Logging into a user account in Evergreen
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