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"My Account" Access

PINES users have access to selected areas of their personal patron record, including checkouts, fines/bills, holds placed, and other information through the My Account section of the OPAC.

Patrons have the option to automatically store their own checkout history and access it through their My Account login. This option is turned off by default, but patrons may turn it on by logging into their accounts and selecting the appropriate option. Library staff cannot see the patron’s checkout history through the staff client. [2015.12].

Access to the personal patron record is available only through the PINES library card number and password or personal identification number (PIN) for each user, as all library records are confidential in nature. The assigned PIN should be provided to the user at the time of library card registration, and staff will advise the patron to login to the OPAC and change their password to one of his or her choosing as soon as possible. The user may also use the My Account options to select a text username to use in lieu of the library barcode for OPAC access.

The PINES patron has the ability to change his/her own PIN/password after accessing the record with the correct library card number and PIN/password. Some patrons may need staff assistance in remembering the current PIN/password to access their patron record.

Users may reset their PIN in person at any PINES participating library with proper identification. Patrons may reset their passwords from the My Account page if they have a valid email address on file via 'Forgot your password?' functionality [2006.05]. Patrons may also request a password reset by phone by calling a PINES library. The patron must be able to provide the library staff person with the barcode number, full name, date of birth, and either address or phone number. Library staff should encourage patrons to log in to the OPAC and change the assigned password to a password of their own choosing as soon as possible for security and privacy purposes [2014.12].  

My Account Resources

For a list of frequently asked questions from patrons, see the FAQ.

Additional resources:

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