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Default Search Library

Whether you prefer your catalog searches from within the staff client to default to all of PINES, to your regional library system, or to a specific branch, you may set your preference on the Workstations page.

  1. Click on Administration.
  2. Click on Workstation.
  3. Select using the Default Search Library Dropdown.
  4. (There is no Save button, it will automatically save your preferences when you make the selection.)
Default Search Library

Full Library Names

This is a new feature as of the January 2023 Evergreen 3.10 upgrade.

On the same page, under Workstation settings, there is a feature that allows staff on an individual basis the option to show the full library name in library selector dropdown lists. This only works for the newer staff client interfaces that are built in Angular. (You can tell if an interface is new or old by looking at the URL of the page you are on: if it has “eg” in the URL path then it is an older interface and if it has “eg2” then it is a newer interface.)

To configure:

  • Go to Administration > Workstation
  • Check “Include Full Library Names in Library Selector?”
  • Log out and log back in

The newer interfaces (such as the staff catalog) should show the full library names along with the short names. The older interfaces (such as the patron search) will still show the traditional dropdown.

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