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Library Card Required for Circulation

A patron must present a card in good standing to borrow materials. A patron’s card will be blocked, and no services may be obtained with it if the patron owes $10 or more in unpaid fines and/or fees [2011.05]. Blocked services include renewals [2009.05, 2009.09] and hold request placement [2008.02]. Delinquent borrowers who have not reached these limits may still borrow materials; the system operator will be notified that the patron is delinquent.

A PINES card* is required at all times and at all libraries for all transactions [2006.11], with the following exceptions:

  • when an item is in hand, no library card is required in order to renew the item [2007.02]
  • when an item is in hand, no library card is required for payment of fines [2007.02]

* Patrons are allowed to present a scannable electronic facsimile of the PINES card on a hand-held device. Staff must confirm the patron’s identity by asking for a key piece of information from the patron record. Name, phone number, email address, street address, or date of birth would be acceptable. Note that if a library’s barcode scanners cannot scan the card number from the hand-held device, library staff will type in the card number displayed on the hand-held device along with confirmation of the patron’s identity. It is recommended that libraries using self-check machines require that the patron input their PIN. [2014.05]. Update: A secondary piece of identifying information is not required when using the PINES app, because the patron is already logged in so has confirmed their password. [Updated December 2018 when the feature was rolled out.]

A card is required for renewals or bill payment if neither the cardholder nor the item is present [2007.02].

If a patron forgets his/her PINES card, he or she can:

  • Return home to retrieve it. Materials may be held for the patron.
  • Purchase a replacement card for $2. The procedure for Lost/Stolen Cards should be used in reissuing a card.
  • Photo ID is not accepted in lieu of a library card in PINES.
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