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Cataloging and processing instructions for the digital talking book player

As part of the partnership between GLS and PINES, your library will receive a digital talking book player to have on hand in case an enrolled GLS patron needs to quickly replace a broken player. GLS patrons receive free use of these specialized players and are not charged replacement fees or fines for them. While you will add the item to your library’s holdings, it will not be locally processed and you will use the barcode on the player in the item record. The player is still the property of the US government. For more information on the partnership, see GLS Patron Profile

Bibliographic Record

The first library to catalog the player will add the OCLC record #754955927 for model DA-1 (advanced model) to the PINES catalog. Once the record is in the PINES database, the title control number will be ocn754955927. NOTE: If your library receives a different model, please let the PINES cataloging staff know so that a new record can be created in OCLC.

Adding a volume and copy/item record

While PINES does not normally require specific call numbers and other local processing, the digital player is different. When adding the call number and item information, use the following attributes only:

  • Call number: Talking book player
  • Barcode: Use the barcode provided on the player. Your scanners may not be coded to properly read the serial barcode on the player so please type in the number. The barcode should be in the form 0106356 (DA1 is the model number).
  • Age-based hold protection: unset
  • Circulate: yes
  • Hold: no
  • OPAC visible: no
  • Circ modifier: talking book (so that no fines are charged the patron)
  • Circ as type: unset
  • Price: 0.00
  • There are no statcats.


Do not place any local property stamps or labels on the player or the box. You may indicate on the exterior of the box that it contains the Digital Talking Book Player.

Replacing the player

When an enrolled GLS patron comes in for a replacement, if the patron has a PINES card circulation staff will check this item out to the patron. Regular reports are sent to GLS so that they can remove the item from the patron record in PINES and indicate in GLS documentation that the patron has the new player. They will then send your library a player to have on hand. Once you receive the new one, merely replace the barcode in the item record. If it is still attached to the patron record, before you replace the barcode, please contact GLS at: 1-800-248-6701 | 404-657-1452 Fax: 404-657-1459.

If the patron does not wish to get a PINES card, circulation staff can send the player home with a certified GLS patron. Circulation staff should inform you that the player has been given to a GLS patron and is not checked out. At that time, make the copy non-circulating and invisible to the OPAC. You may also add a copy note if you wish to have information about the transaction with the item. Once a new machine is sent to you, replace the barcode in the item record with that on the machine, make it circulating and visible in the OPAC. Delete any copy notes you added.

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