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Series Statement: 490/8xxs fields (RDA 2.12, 2.12.9)


Series statement: “A statement identifying a series to which a resource belongs and the numbering of the resource within the series. A series statement may also include information identifying one or more subseries to which the manifestation being described belongs. A series statement sometimes includes statements of responsibility relating to a series or subseries. The information relating to one series, or one series and one or more subseries, constitutes one series statement” RDA Glossary.

MARC coding

Record the series statement, as it appears on the manifestation, in the 490 field, without an ending period unless the last word is an abbreviation. The first indicator defines the series tracing policy. 0 means the statement is not traced/indexed and does not have an 8xx field for a series access point. 1 means the series is traced and will need an 8xx field, even if it duplicates the 490.

Current LC practice is to not trace series. For more information and for exceptions to the practice see Frequently Asked Questions about Series

The series statement in 490 1_ is transcribed exactly as it appears as to wording and spelling but not necessarily as to capitalization and punctuation. Retain initial articles in transcribed titles, parallel titles, and subseries titles (RDA 2.12).

490 1_ title indexed/traced and coupled with an 8XX field (Series access point)
490 0_ title not indexed/traced and not coupled with an 8XX field

To determine if the series is traced and whether the series access point has an authorized form that is the same or differs from the series statement on the manifestation, check the statement in the authority file. If an authority heading is not found, use 1 for the first indicator in the 490 and add a 8xx field (remember to add a period for the ending punctuation). If the series statement is found in the authority file, record the form of the statement in the 8xx field, whether it differs or is the same and trace the 490 field.


245 10 Love warrior / ǂc Glennon Doyle Melton.
490 1_ Oprah's book club
830 0_ Oprah's book club.

245 10 Dead cold brew / ǂc Cleo Coyle.
490 1_ A coffeehouse mystery ; ǂv 16
800 1_ Coyle, Cleo. ǂt Coffeehouse mystery ; ǂv 16.
(Here, a single author as the creator of a series)

On resource:

Thorndike Press large print basic

Checking the OCLC authority file, you find ARN 5996612:

130 0 Thorndike Press large print basic series
380 Series-like phrase
430 0 Thorndike Press large print basic
530 0 Thorndike large print basic series
667 Give as a quoted note.

Transcribe in bibliobraphic record as:

490 1_ Ballad novels
490 1_ Thorndike Press Large Print Basic
500 __ Thorndike Press large print basic series.“
800 1_ McCrumb, Sharyn, ǂd 1948- ǂt Ballad novels ; ǂv [7]
830 0_ Thorndike Press Large Print Basic series.

Another example:

490 1_ Thorndike Press large print Americana
830 0_ Thorndike Press large print Americana series.

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