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Creating New Records in OCLC

It is PINES policy that all original records are created in OCLC’s WorldCat and imported into the PINES database via the Z39.50 interface in Evergreen. See Original Cataloging Policies for more information. If you are uncertain whether or not you need to create an original record for your manifestation, review the PINES matching requirements and see When to Input a New Record

Resources to assist you in navigating the OCLC Connexion Client for original cataloging:

OCLC Connexion: Searching WorldCat Quick Reference

OCLC Connexion Browser Guides: Find Bibliographic Records

Cataloging: Create Bibliographic Records

OCLC Connexion Client Cataloging Quick Reference

Connexion Client: Create Original Bibliographic Records. (YouTube video automatically starts)

WebDewey Training

You can create a new record either by using work forms embedded in the Connexion client or deriving from an existing master record in WorldCat. Save your work to either the local or online file.

Open a work form:

Cataloging–Create–Single Record–Books

Derive from an existing record:

Display a near-match record
Edit—Derive—New Master Record

Saving/retrieving records in process:

Local File

Saved to your local drive. Only you can access.
Save Record: Action–Save Records to Local File
Retrieve Records from Local File: Cataloging–Searching–Local Save File

Online File

Saved to online file accessible to anyone with your OCLC authorization
Save record: Action – Save to online file
Retrieve Records from online file: Cataloging–Searching–Online Save File

Save your record often, particularly before you switch to another task or leave your workstation. Connexion client does time out and you can lose your work.
Press “Ctrl D” to create a sub-field delimiter “ǂ”.

Make sure you:

  • Personalize timeout in Options to increase the default timeout
  • Search WorldCat thoroughly for a match: don’t depend on just an ISBN search.
  • Assign a Dewey Decimal Classification call number (Use WebDewey to build a call number. From the Connexion Client: Tools-Launch WebDewey)
  • Perform authority checking and control headings to link authorized access points within the OCLC WorldCat database to the authority file record.
  • Review for errors and typos, validate for coding errors.
  • Search one last time before you update holdings and create the new record.
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