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PINES local RDA Guidelines for Core Elements in Original Cataloging

Since RDA provides options in certain areas of descriptive cataloging, the PINES Cataloging Sub-committee has approved the following practices as PINES local guidelines. Decisions on options are subject to change as best practices continue to emerge. If there is a conflict between a RDA rule and a LC-PCC-PS, we generally follow the latter’s practice.

Some resource examples are from “Georgia Original Cataloging Exercises” prepared by the DLC trainers at GA RDA summits, 2015.

Capitalization (RDA 1.7.2) : Follow RDA Appendix A.

PINES catalogers will follow AACR2 practice for capitalization. For example, in transcribing the title in Resource B: BARBAR THE KING, use lower case:

Instead of:

245 $a BABAR THE KING / $c Jean de Brunhoff ; translated into English by Scott Fontenot & Denise St. Pierre (Yes-dlc).

Transcribe as:

245$a Babar the King / $c Jean de Brunhoff ; translated into English by Scott Fontenot & Denise St. Pierre (PINES practice—lower case title proper except for proper nouns).

Diacritical Marks (RDA 1.7.4)

If diacritical marks do not appear the resource, applying them is optional:

For example:

Source of information reads: LES MISERABLES

Transcribe as: Les misérables

A special case in Punctuations (RDA D. 1.2.1)

Do not manually input double punctuation if a field requiring a period happens to end in an abbreviation.

On resource: Third ed.

Record as Third ed. not Third ed..

See RDA 1.7.3 for guidance on punctuation in transcribed elements.

007 for Audio-visual resources and accompanying materials (in 300 subfield ǂe)

Although RDA has 33xs to bring out characteristics of AV resources, 007 fields are still coded. We will therefore continue to add as many 007s as applicable in cataloging AV resources (see my AV RDA training ppt. files).

Illustrators of children’s books (RDA 7.15, 7.17)

Follow LC practice: LC-PCC and I.3.1.

LC practice: Provide an authorized access point in the bibliographic record for an illustrator in all cases of resources intended for children. Give the RDA appendix I designator “illustrator” in MARC 700 subfield $e.

Compilations—provide optional name/title access points

(see three examples of resource description AT END OF PAGE)

a) A&B by one author:

Compilation A: A compilation of 12 short stories Compilation B: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma.

Analytical tracing of the titles (from 2nd on) by the same author is optional. Remember always to trace the first title, as it is a LC core element. We follow all RDA or LC-PCC defined core elements.

b) Compilation by different authors:

In this case, even before RDA, catalogers are encouraged to trace well known titles/authors, especially if their authors/titles have long established access points in the authority records. For instance, If there is a collection that contains some of the best known short stories by William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, Flannery O’Conner, etc., we should trace as many as we have time to do so.

1xx/7xx Relationship designators for name access points:

Add all $e relator terms as applicable; consult RDA approved terms in Appendix I (See

245 titles, Statement of Responsibility (SOR), etc. (RDA 2.4)

Transcribing 245 field (based on Resource A: see detail on the last page).

Describe what we see?

245 $a An illustrated history of Virginia: $b from colony to statehood / $c written by David W. Reser, Ph. D., and Kay Guiles, M.A. ; pictures by Jane and Frank Williamson

OR drop Ph. D. and M.A. as in AACR2?

245 $a An illustrated history of Virginia: $b from colony to statehood / $c written by David W. Reser and Kay Guiles ; pictures by Jane and Frank Williamson.

Under normal circumstanced, drop all the titles, degrees, etc, that accompany authors’ names.

245 Statement of Responsibility (SOR), more than three creators (LC-PCC PS

Follow LC Policy Statement Option: LC practice for Optional omission: Generally do not omit names in a statement of responsibility. (see Resources tab.

245 parallel titles (RDA 2.3.3)

In AACR2, catalogers only coded 245 = $b when parallel title appears on title pages; RDA has the optional of tracing a parallel title as is found anywhere in a resource. PINES catalogers follow RDA practice.

Recording Publishers' Names (RDA Publishers: Corporate hierarchy in RDA publication statements

RDA includes an optional instruction to “Omit levels in a corporate hierarchy that are not required to identify the publisher.” The LC-PCC-PS for that rule instructs catalogers to follow the base rule, not the option, which can result in excessive 264 $b statements such as “Golden Books, an imprint of Random House Children's Books, a division of Random House, Inc.”

Catalogers are encouraged to provide sufficient information that better identifies a publisher. Golden Books, an imprint of Random House Children's Books” but that is not excessive.

264 Publication, copyright, etc. dates (RDA 2.8.2)

Recording dates and copyright dates

In RDA, the copyright date is a separate element, as are dates of production, of publication, of distribution, of manufacture. The copyright date is a core element if neither the date of publication nor the date of distribution is identified.

Recording Copyright Dates (RDA

Record copyright dates applying the general guidelines on numbers expressed as numerals or as words given under RDA 1.8. Precede the date by the copyright symbol (©) or the phonogram symbol (℗), or by copyright or phonogram if the appropriate symbol cannot be reproduced.

Publication dates

Record dates using Arabic numbers. For example: London : Children’s Stories Press MMX Record as: 264 _1 London : $b Children’s Stories Press, $c 2010.

Copyright dates

Although the current LC practice is to leave a 264 with just the copyright date out of a record, (264 _4 [copyright date]), PINES catalogers will keep the field.

For example:

Publication date is inferred from a copyright date (no publication date found)

264 _1 $a Richard, VA : $b The Colonial Press, $c [2008] 264 _4 $c ©2008

Both publication and copyright dates are available.

264 _1 $c 2013. 264 _4 $c ©2013

Publication date not identified (RDA

Although $c [date of publication not identified] is an RDA option, supply a probable date of publication if possible.

Pagination (RDA

RDA 3.4.5. 3 Single Volume with Unnumbered Pages, Leaves, or Columns

PINES catalogers will follow a) practice whenever possible:

a) Record the exact number of pages, leaves, or columns, if readily ascertainable (e.g. 93 unnumbered pages).
b) If the number is not readily ascertainable, record an estimated number of pages, leaves, or columns preceded by approximately (e.g. approximately 600 pages).
c) 1 volume (unpaged). Note: many DLC RDA records still have 300 $a 1 volume (unpaged); but DLC preference as communicated during training sessions with Georgia public library catalogers is choice a).

Complicated or Irregular Paging, etc. (RDA The three options are: (PINES catalogers follow a) or b) as much as possible.)

a) Record the total number of pages, leaves, or columns (excluding those that are blank or contain advertising or other inessential matter) followed by in various pagings, in various foliations, or in various numberings, as appropriate (e.g. 1000 pages in various pagings; 256 leaves in various foliations).

b) Record the number of pages, leaves, or columns in the main sequences of the pagination and add the total number of the remaining variously numbered or unnumbered sequences (e.g. 560, 223 pages, 217 variously numbered pages).

c) Record 1 volume (various pagings)

Measurement for AV materials (RDA 3.5)

The RDA term for “sound disc” is “audio disc”, so PINES catalogers will use the new term. DVDs , Compact discs $c 4 ¾ in.

RDA uses cm for dimensions for AV items; we will follow LC practice to continue to give disc dimensions in inches.

Extra 33Xs for $e Accompanying materials (RDA 3.3, 3.2, 6.9)

Add additional 33Xs for both DVD and CD materials if one or both types appear in $e of 300. Field.

a. Adding 33x for a DVD in ǂe:
300 1 volume (unpaged) : ǂb color illustrations ; ǂc 25 x 29 cm. + ǂe 1 DVD (4 3/4 in.)
336 text ǂb txt ǂ2 rdacontent
336 two-dimensional moving image ǂb tdi ǂ2 rdacontent
337 unmediated ǂb n ǂ2 rdamedia
337 video ǂb v ǂ2 rdamedia
338 volume ǂb nc ǂ2 rdacarrier
338 videodiscǂb vd ǂ2 rdacarrier

b. Adding 33x for a compact disc in ǂe: 300 1 volume (unpaged) : ǂb color illustrations ; ǂc 25 x 29 cm. + ǂe 1 CD (4 3/4 in.)
336 text ǂb txt ǂ2 rdacontent
336 spoken word ǂb spw ǂ2 rdacontent
337 unmediated ǂb n ǂ2 rdamedia
337 audioǂb s ǂ2 rdamedia
338 volume ǂb nc ǂ2 rdacarrier
338 audiodiscǂb sd ǂ2 rdacarrier

c. Generally, add accompanying booklet for an audio or video resource if it is deemed important and add pertinent 3xxs.

Extra 33Xs for illustrative content

Add still image ǂb sti ǂ2 rdacontent to most children’s books, graphic novels, and any work that has a $v Pictorial works ending a 6xx field.

RDA We currently do not list number of certain illustrations, and we leave to catalogers on how to enter this information.

New 34xs fields (340, 344, and 347) in AV cataloging

These are the newest group of MARC tags for coding RDA elements. Use 34X fields for sound, projection, video, and/or digital file characteristics in original cataloging when applicable, readily ascertainable, and considered important for access or identification. The 340 field is a description of the physical medium audio-visual and other items. At this time, PINES cataloger we follow the current standard and not add this tag if it repeats 300 ǂc information.

To be or not to be? Repeating 300 $b information in 344

Regarding the application of 344 field for recording sound characteristics of an audio resource, PINES catalogers will not follow Music Library Association’ Cataloging and Metadata Committee recommendation to omit subfield $b in 300 field when 344 field is coded in record.

300 1 audio disc : ǂb digital, CD audio ; ǂc 4 ¾ in.

Not the Music Library Association recommendation: 300 1 audio disc ; ǂc 4 ¾ in
336 performed music ǂb prm ǂ2 rdacontent
337 audio ǂb s ǂ2 rdacontent
338 audio disc ǂb sd ǂ2 rdaconten\\t 344 digital ǂb optical ǂg stereo ǂ2 rda

490 _1 or 490 _0: whether to trace series statement (RDA 2.12, 2.12.9)

DLC stopped tracing new series many years ago by coding all series statements in 490 0. This is the only area the PINES does not follow LC practice. We still code legitimate series statements in a 490 1 coupled with a 8xx field.

500 “Compact disc” for an audio resource

RDA does not have this option for an AACR2 Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) practice; but most PCC records still use it. PINES will continue to add this note.

Examples for resource description

Resource A:

		An Illustrated History of Virginia
		 from Colony to Statehood
			2nd Edition
Written by David W. Reser , Ph. D./ and Kay Guiles, M.A.
	Pictures by Jane and Frank Williamson

page opposite title page: The Colonial Press, Richmond, VA, Boston, MA title page verso: text copyright ©2008; other information: XXII, 300 pages; illustrations are in color; height = 28 cm

Resource B:

		 Jean de Brunhoff
translated into English by Scott Fontenot & Denise St. Pierre
		Children’s Stories Press

title page verso information: originally published in French as Le Roi Babar; Distributed in North America by Great Books, Ltd., North Carolina, USA


Compilation A

		Chronicles of Avonlea
		 L.M. Montgomery
		Page Company Publishers

other information: Chronicles of Avonlea was originally published in 1912….It is a compilation of twelve short stories, the first of which is called “The Hurrying of Ludovic.”

Compilation B:

		Jane Austen
	 Pride and Prejudice
	 Sense and sensibility
	LSK Press, 2011

other information: compilation contains only three of Austen’s novels. There are seven known novels by Jane Austen and 160 pieces of correspondence.

authorized access point for Jane Austen: Austen, Jane, 1775-1817.

Analytical authorize access point(s):

Austen, Jane, 1775-1817. Pride and prejudice
Austen, Jane, 1775-1817. Sense and sensibility
Austen, Jane, 1775-1817. Emma
Comment: the first analytic is a core element for LC (LC-PCC PS 25.1)

Compilation C:

		Introduction to Greek Philosophy
	 Frank Robinson, Edith Bieber, and Ronald Carl
			Socratic Publishing

Table of Contents:

Preface ……………………………………June DiAngelo
The Three Ages……………………………Frank Robinson
Plato and Socrates…………………………Edith Bieber
Modern Influence………………………….Ronald Carl
Conclusion…………………………………Hans Schmit

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