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PINES Original Cataloging with RDA: Book Format: Introduction

Training for original cataloging in OCLC's WorldCat is mandatory for all except those catalogers with experience in OCLC. Currently there is full level cataloging training for book, video recording, and sound recording formats. Catalogers desiring original cataloging training should contact the PINES Cataloging Specialist to schedule sessions.

Original records, either full or K level, should be created with the OCLC Connexion Client and then imported into the PINES database.

PINES requires that full-level cataloging (OCLC “I” level) records be created for books.

Fixed fields: All fixed fields must be coded correctly according to current practice (see OCLC Formats and Standards and MARC Standards); always use “I” for Encoding Level.

Variable fields: The following instructions define the variable fields that must be present in MARC bibliographic records when information is available and/or applicable.

Variable field key for this document:

  • _ = blank value in indicators
  • ǂ = subfield delimiter
  • Subfield a (ǂa) in the first position of a MARC tag is implied in OCLC system, so is omitted.


For basic PINES original cataloging policies see Original Cataloging Policies.
For further instructions on using OCLC’s Connexion Client see Connexion client documentation
For more information on RDA guidelines and instructions, see RDA ToolKit

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