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Non-compliance with PINES Cataloging Policies

Non-adherence to established PINES cataloging policies can result in a PINES System being declared non-compliant.

The following situations could cause a PINES system to be declared non-compliant.

  • Not being familiar with and/or not following established standards and policies.
  • Refusing to follow established PINES policies and procedures.
  • Allowing improperly trained or supervised staff to add or edit bibliographic records to the PINES database or add holdings to existing PINES bibliographic records.
  • Allowing improperly trained or supervised staff to add or edit bibliographic records to the OCLC WorldCat database.
  • Compromising database integrity by poor quality work done by catalogers within or on behalf of the library system, either in the PINES bibliographic database or OCLC’s WorldCat database.
  • Not reading messages posted on the Cataloging Listserv (CAT-L) and/or not following the instructions/requests stated therein.
  • Repeatedly not attending required PINES training sessions.

A PINES system can be declared as being non-compliant with PINES cataloging policies, procedures, and/or standards if on three separate occasions the PINES Cataloging Specialist and/or the PINES and Collaborative Projects Manager has warned the system about a problem, and the PINES Executive Director has sent a warning letter to the system’s director, but problems continue to occur. At that point their Cat1 authorization can be deactivated. The PINES Executive Director will inform the PINES Executive Committee of any such actions taken against a library system.

To regain authorization the system director and cataloging staff of the non-complaint system will have to confer with the PINES Cataloging Specialist and Executive Director to establish the process by which the system will be able to re-gain Cat1 authorization. When the Cataloging Specialist has determined that the conditions have been met successfully, Cat1 status will be reinstated by the PINES Executive Director. The PINES Executive Committee will be informed of the reinstatement.

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