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Uploading Cover Images

There are times when there is no cover image associated with a bib record. This can be because of the age of the title (publishers may not send images to our vendor for older titles) or that the item is self-published, or from a small press. The Cat-Coord profile has the UPLOAD_COVER_IMAGE permission so that they may upload a custom jacket/cover image for display in the staff client and OPAC for those bibliographic records without one.

Guidelines on uploading images into the PINES catalog

  • Locally uploaded images will override images provided by our vendor so images should only be uploaded for titles with no image. If the vendor supplied image is incorrect, please open a helpdesk ticket for resolution.
  • Copyrighted images should not be uploaded without permission. If you are unsure whether the image is copyrighted, do not upload it.
  • Restrict uploads to locally produced titles such as kits; realia such as cake pans; local, self-published, authors.
  • Work with local authors when self-published titles are without images. Cover art on a work can be copyrighted.

Acceptable file types are jpg, png, xpm, xbm, gif, and bmp. All uploaded images are converted to PNG at the time of upload and scaled to PINES settings.

Uploading a Cover Image

The uploader is accessed from within a bib record, under Other Actions (on the right of the screen) - Upload Cover Image.

Remember, there should be no image associated with the bib record.

Click the Upload Cover Image button to open a window which will direct you to select an image file and upload it.

Choose the image file you saved previously and click Upload Cover Image.

The image should upload. You may need to clear your browser’s image cache (do not clear cookies) and redisplay the page to see it.

If no image displays or fails to load, you may need another image or file type.

Failure can also occur if the image file is too large or if the dimensions of the image are beyond the bounding box. Maximum file size for uploaded cover image files is approximately 10MB. The scaling algorithm will size images to fit the dimension of the bounding box, while preserving aspect ratio. This means that the dimensions of an image will be scaled to match the bounding box. Default dimensions are between 55px wide x 91px high and 475px wide x 787 px high.

Potential error messages:

  • Not authenticated. Expired login?
  • Not authorized. Check your permissions.
  • Not found. Bib record deleted?
  • Invalid global compression value. Talk to your system administrator.
  • Do not know where to upload files. Talk to your system administrator.
  • Cannot save uploaded file. Talk to your system administrator.
  • File size larger than configured limit. Check your library setting or try a smaller file.
  • Error parsing the image. Is it a common image filetype?
  • Error uploading or processing file.
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