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Fixed Fields

In OCLC and Evergreen, the fixed field is a combination of the MARC Leader and the 008 field. They are identified by their positions within the Leader and 008 (Type=Leader/06, for example). OCLC WorldCat and Evergreen use a fixed field matrix or grid for the Leader and 008 field to simplify input and editing. These fields are codes for computer handling and are often used for OPAC display and search filters. They are constant and are fixed length and fixed variables for coding. All fixed fields should be correctly coded for your resource.

Of special note for original cataloging of books are:

Type (Type of Record/material being cataloged): a (Books)

BLvl (Bibliographical Level): m (monograph)

Desc (Descriptive Cataloging Form): i (ISBD: Descriptive portion of the record contains the punctuation provisions of ISBD.)

Elvl (Encoding Level/degree of completeness of the bibliographic record):

  • I (Full-level input by OCLC member library)


  • K (Minimal-level input by OCLC participants member library)

Cont: b … 6

  • Be careful when coding Cont: (Contents). With the exception of “b” for bibliographical references (bibliographies), all or a significant amount of the resource has to be the material symbolized by the code. For example, the code “i” for index is used when the resource is an index and not when a publication only contains an index (which is coded in Indx: Index; 008/31).
  • For graphic novels, use “6”.
  • Code all blank ∎ areas, if required/applicable, to define the material nature of the resource. At least one subject heading or subdivision should also define the nature. Do not code anything locally added to the resource in the master record.

Form: d (large print, if item is large print)

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