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Executive Commitee Decisions Regarding Cataloging

Cataloging at a Branch

All cataloging functions carried out in a library system will be coordinated and monitored by the library system director. This includes all cataloging functions, such as editing existing records, bringing records into the PINES database from OCLC, database maintenance functions and other tasks needing Cat1 training.

The decision to allow copy cataloging [Cat2 functions] at a branch or affiliate will be at the discretion and control of the library system director. The PINES Director and Staff reserve the right to revoke any/all cataloging permissions if any work threatens the integrity of the PINES database. The PINES Executive Committee will be consulted and informed of any such decisions.[2013.5]

That the PINES Executive Committee reconfirms its recognition of the Office of Public Library Services Rule 160-6-2-.01(j) that reads, “The headquarters library in a public library system shall acquire, catalog, and process all materials for the region, including all gift materials meeting the board-approved materials selection policy donated to any library in the system.” [2000.09]

Default Item Price

$25.01 [shall] be set as the default item price. [2007.12]

Dummy Date on Records

Proposal to create a PINES policy to add 1901-01-01 (or some other agreed upon date) as a dummy date when editing/fixing bad records. Sandy Hester moved to accept the subcommittee’s recommendation and to confirm that the dummy date will be 1901-01-01. The motion was seconded and passed. [2011.09]


PINES approved the implementation of monographic parts for print multivolume sets. [2014.12]

PINES [should] use a controlled terminology for parts designations. [2014.12]

PINES [shall] implement monographic parts for the following audio-visual circulation modifiers:

  • audiobook / audiobook-ff
  • music / music-ff
  • video-0 / video-0-ff
  • video-2 / video-2-ff [2021.09]

Use and Ownership of Bibliographic Records

Input, maintain, and share bibliographic records according to the standards developed and agreed to by the Council, the Executive Committee or BOR/GPLS. [PINES Participation Agreement, Sec II, Pt.15]

Vendor Cataloging

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