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Publication Statement (RDA 2.8)


“A statement identifying the place or places of publication, publisher or publishers, and date or dates of publication of a resource. Publication statements include statements relating to the publication, release, or issuing of a manifestation. Consider all online resources to be published. For early printed resources, distribution and manufacture statements relating to booksellers and printers may be treated as publication statements” RDA

For statements relating to the production of manifestations in an unpublished form, see RDA 2.7.

Place of Publication: 264 field, ǂa (RDA 2.8.2)


“Include both the local place name (city, town, etc.) and the name of the larger jurisdiction or jurisdictions (state, province, etc., and/or country) if present on the source of information” – RDA

On resource: Vancouver, British Columbia

Record as: 264 _1 Vanouver, British Columbia

If more than one place of publication appears on the source of information, only the first recorded is required. However, you can add the additional places in the same 264 in a repeated ǂa.


264 _1 New York ; ǂa London ;

Optional addition:

Larger jurisdiction may be added in brackets if it is thought to be important for identification, for example, when more than one place has the same name.

264 _1 Dublin, [Ireland]
264 _1 Dublin, [Ohio]

Place of Publication not identified: 264 field, ǂa (RDA

If a place of publication is not identified in the manifestation, supply a place of publication or probable place of publication if it can be determined. Apply the instructions in this order of preference:

a) known place (RDA
Example: 264 _1 [New York] (Fixed Field: Ctry nyu)

b) probable place (RDA
Example: 264 _1 [Between, Georgia?] Fixed Field: Ctry gau

c) known country, state, province, etc. (RDA
Example: 264 _1 [United States] Fixed Field: Ctry xxu

d) probable country, state, province, etc. (RDA
Example: 264 _1 [United States?] Fixed Field: Ctry xxu

e) unknown place (RDA
264 _1 [Place of publication not identified] (Fixed Field: Ctry xx)

Publishers : 264 field, ǂb (RDA 2.8.4)


“A name of an agent responsible for publishing, releasing, or issuing a resource. A publisher’s name may be represented by a characterizing word or phrase” RDA

On resource: Copyright ©1998 by Maple House Publishing
Record as: 264 _1 : ǂb Maple House Publishing,

On resource: Golden Books, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books
Record as: 264 _1 : ǂb Golden Books, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books,

More than one publisher: (RDA 28.4.5) “If more than one agent is named as a publisher of the manifestation, record the publishers’ names in the order indicated by the sequence, layout, or typography of the names on the source of information” – RDA 28.4.5.

Munchen, Germany : ǂb C.H. Beck ; ǂa Oxford, United Kingdom : ǂb Hart ; ǂa Baden-Baden, Germany : ǂb Nomos ; ǂa Basel, Switzerland : ǂb Helbing Lichtenhahn,

Probable publisher:

246 _ 1 ǂb [Maple House Publishing?]

No publisher identified: 246 _ 1 ǂb [publisher not identified]

RDA includes an optional instruction to “Omit levels in a corporate hierarchy that are not required to identify the publisher.” The LC-PCC PS for this rule instructs catalogers to follow the base rule, not the option, which results in excessive 264 ǂb statements such as “Golden Books, an imprint of Random House Children's Books, a division of Random House, Inc.”

PINES has decided to omit additional information not needed to identify the publisher.

Producers/Distributers/Manufacturers: 264 field, ǂb (RDA 2.7, 2.9,2.10)


264 _0 : ǂb name of producer


264 _ 2 : ǂb Hippocrene Books (distributor),
264 _1 : ǂb Harrow and Heston : ǂb distributed by Hippocrene Books,


On resource:
Dire Printing Sh. Co

Record as:
264 _ 1 : ǂb [publisher not identified],
264 _ 3 : ǂb Dire Printing Sh. Co.

Or with just a 264 _3 field:

264 _ 3 : ǂb Dire Printing Sh. Co.,

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