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Name and Title Added Entry Fields (RDA 20.2, RDA 18.5, RDA Appendix I.3.1)

Contributor: “An agent contributing to an expression. Contributors include editors, translators, arrangers of music, performers, etc … In some cases, an expression consists of a primary work accompanied by commentary, etc., illustrations, additional musical parts, etc. When this occurs, the writers of commentary, etc., illustrators, composers of additional parts, etc., are considered to be contributors” RDA

Relationship designator: “A designator that indicates the nature of a relationship between entities represented by authorized access points, descriptions, and/or identifiers. A relationship designator is recorded with the authorized access point and/or identifier representing the associated agent. The defined scope of a relationship element provides a general indication of the relationship between a work, expression, manifestation or item and an agent associated with the work, expression, manifestation, or item (e.g., creator, owner). Relationship designators provide more specific information about the nature of the relationship (e.g., author, donor)” RDA

MARC Coding

700 for additional authors, and illustrators, editors, compilers, etc. and for author/title added entries.
710 for corporate authors.
730 for preferred and related titles (Uniform titles)
740 for title added entry (Uncontrolled Related/Analytical titles)


700 1_ Hecht, Ben, ǂd1893-1964, ǂe writing, ǂe direction, ǂe production.
700 1_ Bizet, Georges, ǂd 1869-1951. ǂt Carmen. ǂk Selections. ǂf 1983.
700 1_ Domingo, Plácido, ǂd 1941- ǂe singer.
710 2_ Flying A Productions (Firm), ǂe production company.
710 2_ Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (Firm), ǂe publisher.
730 0_ Iron Man (Motion picture)

Example of an original author/title added entry for a work by an adaptor:

100 1_ Appignanesi, Richard.
245 10 Hamlet / ǂc [Richard Appignanesi, text adaptor] ; illustrated by Emma Vieceli.
700 1_ Vieceli, Emma, ǂe illustrator.
700 1_ Shakespeare, William, ǂd 1564-1616. ǂt Hamlet.

Example of an author-added entry for an illustrator:

245 04 The close shave / ǂc illustrated by Richard Courtney.
500 __ “Based on The Railway Series by The Reverend W Awdry.”
700 1_ Courtney, Richard, ǂd 1955- ǂe illustrator.
700 1_ Awdry, W. ǂt Railway series.

740 Fields: Added Entry–Uncontrolled Related/Analytical Titles

“An added entry for uncontrolled related titles and uncontrolled analytical titles. An uncontrolled title is a title not controlled through an authority file or another bibliographic record. Use field 740 for the title portion of a related work that would normally be entered under a name/title heading in catalog entry form. In records for collections lacking a collective title, use field 740 also for titles recorded in field 245 subsequent to the first title” OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards 740 Added Entry.


245 10 Three best plays of Tennessee Williams.
246 3_ 3 best plays of Tennessee Williams.
505 0_ Street car named desire – The glass menagerie – Cat on a hot tin roof.
740 02 Street car named desire.
740 02 Glass menagerie.
740 02 Cat on hot tin roof.

When coding the 740 field, omit initial articles.
Alternative: You can add author/title added entries (700 fields) for the three titles.
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