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Correcting bibliographic records for items in the Kid's Catalog

If you encounter an item appearing in the KPAC (Kids' Catalog that should not appear there (or, if you have an item that should appear in the KPAC but does not), it is most likely because the audience type is coded incorrectly.

KPAC searches only retrieve items that have an audience type of a, b, c, or j. If the item has any other audience type (or a blank audience type), then it will not appear in the KPAC search results.

Many young adult items are cataloged as audience type 'j' which is technically correct, but if the item contains material aimed at older teens, it may be more appropriately cataloged as audience type 'd' which is equally correct.

If your library owns the item and has it in hand, your CAT1 may review it for accuracy and update the audience type field as needed. If your library does not own the item, you may direct it to the attention of the owning library or place a Help Desk request for the PINES cataloging experts to review it.

Keep in mind that the bibliographic record for an item you place in a juvenile or young adult collection may be correctly coded to another audience type. In this case, the record should retain the correct coding and not be edited.
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