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Qualifications and Training for Catalogers

All PINES catalogers performing copy cataloging as a CAT1 should be able to:

  1. Understand/interpret MARC records.
  2. Have knowledge of and follow established matching criteria for all major formats (such as books, sound recordings, and video materials).
  3. Search PINES efficiently and accurately.
  4. Use the Z39.50 to search OCLC and bring and edit matching records.
  5. Search OCLC (using the Connexion Client) efficiently.
  6. Edit records as needed according to PINES established standards.
  7. Use the Transfer functions for transferring holdings from poor or wrong records to better records and/or merging duplicated records for its own system.
  8. Overlay a poor record or a Encoding Level (ELvl): K record with a better OCLC record.
  9. All PINES trained catalogers should stay on the PINES-cataloging list: please subscribe at CAT-L -- PINES Cataloging Discussion List.
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