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Policy Regarding Parts

For vocabulary, creating and managing parts, see: Creating & Managing Parts

When multipart works and series are treated differently within the PINES database, user discovery and holds can be negatively impacted. Consistency between all libraries in title record usage provides for a better user experience. PINES cataloging standards bring that consistency to treatment of multipart works and series. PINES catalogers should follow the practices outlined here to determine the appropriate bibliographic format and records for titles and individual items.

In general, PINES cataloging standards follow Library of Congress (DLC) cataloging practice for determining if an issuance is a continuing resource, multipart monograph, or a title within a series. Given a choice of records within OCLC’s WorldCat, PINES catalogers should always choose the DLC/DLC record – 040 |a Original cataloging agency and |c Transcribing agency or, DLC record (symbol present once, in any 040 subfield).

If none of the potential matching records in WorldCat are transcribed or edited by DLC, then determine the manifestation’s mode of issuance based on national standards and the policies outlined here and at PINES Copy Cataloging for Multipart Works

For more information on Library of Congress practice see: “Library of Congress-Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Statements (LC-PCC PS) Chapter 2: Identifying Manifestations and Items” in the RDA Toolkit

Multipart works can be:

Part labels

For multipart records, serial or monograph, assign labels to all parts using the format and controlled vocabulary in Multi-part functionality in PINES

Continuing Resources

Continuing resources should be represented by serial or integrating resource format records in the PINES bibliographic database. In the event of title or other changes, multiple records may be needed to denote the span of the resource; but, in general, continuing resources will be represented by one record. Follow successive entry practice for determining records to use to represent library holdings when title changes meriting multiple record apply. Unless warranted by such changes, separate records for each issue should not be used to represent a continuing resource. An exception can be made for special issues, particularly for local history or other subjects. In such cases, the individual issue can be analyzed.

Multipart Monographs

When cataloging multipart monographs, use a single, collective title. Do not analyze the individual volumes, even if your library owns just one volume in the set.

  • Include a 505 with individual volume titles, if present.
  • Part labels: For a print multi-volume set, assign part labels for each volume following PINES standards and controlled vocabulary, regardless of whether the title circulates or not. See Multi-part functionality in PINES

Titles in a Series

Individual titles in a series should be analyzed or cataloged using bibliographic records specific for each title. Each record in the series should contain a 490 and 8xx field pair with the series title as it appears on the piece (490) and the authorized form of the name in the traceable 8xx field. If there is no authorized form, repeat the statement as on the piece and in the 490 so that it can be indexed. If a volume or other sequential designation for the series is present on the piece in hand, include that in the |v for the 490 and 830.

Special cases: Graphic novels, Comic books, and Manga

Graphic novels, comic books, and manga can present special problems for catalogers since records with different bibliographic formats used by different libraries for the same titles exist in OCLC’s WorldCat database, our bibliographic utility and record source. PINES policies will guide you in selecting the correct record for your item, either in the PINES database or OCLC.

If an existing record in the PINES database does not conform to the policies delineated here, consult with the PINES and Collaborative Projects Manager to determine the best course of action. The record(s) may date to before these policies were put in place.

If you have used the incorrect record format for a comic book, graphic novel, or manga, please transfer the items to correct records as you are able. Put all new issues on the correct record(s).

Follow Library of Congress (DLC) practice in determining if a work should be cataloged as an individual record in a series or on a multi-part record.

Reminder: An explanation of what qualifies as a “DLC record” can be found here.

If there is no DLC record, follow these general guidelines:

  • Catalog graphic novels as monographs, either as individual records (titles that are stand-alone or part of a series) or as a multipart record.
  • Catalog comic books as serials.
  • Catalog manga as monographic multipart records. Manga were a serial form first; but, many have been bound as graphic novels.

Individual vs. multipart records

Follow Library of Congress practice in determining if a work (with volume numbers) should be placed on an individual or multipart record. If there is no DLC record, follow these general guidelines:

If the work has a:

  • Common title, volume number, part title: Use an individual record in a series. Individual records should have a 490/8xx pair for the collective, series title.
  • Common title, volume number: Use a single multipart record. Assign part labels for each volume following PINES standards and controlled vocabulary. See Multi-part functionality in PINES

Examples of Comic Books, Manga, and Graphic Novels

Comic Books

Record examples:

  • She-Hulk (ocn994222167)

Clues to look for:

  • Publishers like Marvel and DC
  • Common superhero characters


Record examples:

Clues to look for:

  • Publishers like Kodansha or Shonen Jump
  • Notes in the record that say it's been translated from Japanese
  • Notes in the record (or your own observation) that the work reads from right to left
  • Subject headings for manga, comic book strips, or graphic novels
  • Anime-type art styles

Graphic novels

Record examples:

Clues to look for:

Common Series

TCNs for series records have been provided as a courtesy, but ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS confirm that a record matches your item in hand before attaching items!

If you have a series you would like reviewed, please submit the form here.

Series Record Type Series record TCN
Babysitter's Club graphic novels Individual records
The Bad Guys - Aaron Blabey Individual records
Heroes of Olympus graphic novels Individual records
My Hero Academia: School Briefs Individual records
Quest for the Spark (Bone) Individual records
Wings of Fire graphic novels Series record on1017756907
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