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Original Cataloging Policies

Original bibliographic records for PINES member library resources should be created in OCLC using the OCLC Connexion Client or OCLC Connexion and then imported into the PINES database upon completion. No record should be created solely in the PINES database. Original records created in OCLC should be full level (“I” ELvl (Encoding Level)) if possible. RDA and other relevant national standards should be used.

Training for original cataloging of monographic resources in OCLC is mandatory for all PINES catalogers except those with recent experience in original cataloging using OCLC software and the WorldCat database. Copy catalogers wishing to perform original cataloging should arrange for training with the PINES Cataloging Specialist.

Currently, PINES offers original cataloging training for books, sound recordings, and visual material formats, the three dominant formats of resources throughout PINES member library systems. If a system needs to catalog a resource of any other format, the system’s head cataloger should ask the PINES Cataloging Specialist for additional training and or assistance.

Sources for Cataloging Standards

See Sources for Cataloging Standards

Authority checking

All authorized access point representing a person, family, or corporate body (1xxs, some 2xxs, 6xxs, and 7xxs) should be verified in authority files and the preferred name should be used. Series titles for 490/8xx fields should also be verified and the preferred title used in the 8xx field.

Other general practices

  • Records should include all RDA core elements. See 0.6.2 RDA and 0.6.5 RDA-0.6.12 RDA.
  • Always give a 500 note on the source of the title proper if a title in the 245 is not from the chief /prescribed sources of information (for each format of materials being cataloged).
  • No local headings (69x fields) and information (59x fields) should be added to the bibliographic record. Only LSCH or genre headings are accepted. Access points must either be authorized forms or, if no authorized form is available, they must follow RDA guidelines.
  • Add Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) call numbers to the record. Call numbers should match (at minimum) the first subject heading. Visual materials do not necessarily require a call number.
  • Follow RDA note order for books format and the recommended order for audio-visual materials.
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