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PINES Cataloging Manual

PINES Cataloging Policies

Outsourcing cataloging: Policies and procedures for PINES libraries and their vendors

Copy Cataloging Procedures

Original Cataloging Procedures

PINES Evergreen Manual

Item Statuses and Circulation Rules

Spine Label Printing



PINES Authority Control Project with Backstage Library Works

PINES has outsourced its authority control operations to a commercial vendor, Backstage Library Works ( Backstage provides two services for PINES:

Authority Control Notification Service: Backstage routinely checks the Library of Congress authority files and when a record matching an existing PINES authority records is updated, replaced, or deleted, Backstage sends PINES a list of those updated headings on a monthly basis. This file is subsequently used to update PINES authority data.

Current Cataloging Service: When new bibliographic records are added to the PINES database, they are sent to Backstage, also on a monthly basis, to verify their headings against standard authority records and any new headings are added to PINES authority file.

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