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Edition Statement: 250 field (RDA


Transcribe any edition statement as it appears on the source.

On resource: Second edition.
Record as: 250 Second edition.

On resource: 2nd ed.

Record as: 250 2nd ed. (not 2nd ed..)

Optional addition:

“If a manifestation lacks an edition statement but is known to contain significant changes from other editions, supply an edition statement, if considered important for identification or access. Indicate that the information was taken from a source outside the manifestation itself” RDA

Example: 250 [Hand-coloured and corrected edition].

Bracket an edition statement, if this information is taken from outside the resource.
If an edition statement appears only in the CIP data block, you may transcribe it and enclose it in brackets.
The 250 field is used to code formal version/edition statements only; put other types of edition related notes in a 500 field.
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