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Format Icons

The format icons on a particular bib record are controlled by various information in the record's fixed fields and 007 (physical description).

The 007 Field

The 007 field of a record is to record the physical description. See also: The 007 Field.

It also helps determine the format icons that are used for the record.

The first character of the 007 indicates the material type, and is ignored when counting out into the 007 to get other information. On a sound recording, the first character would be s and on a video recording it would be v.

Evergreen uses some shortcut definitions from the 007 when calculating which format icons to use. Two of these “shortcuts” are called sr_format and vr_format. They are defined as:

sr_format = 3rd position in the 007 (Example: ss lunjlc||||e) – This would be an audiocassette music recording

vr_format = 4th position in the 007 (Example: vd cvaizq) – This would be a DVD

The 007 field is repeatable, so for an item that has both a DVD and Blu-Ray you would have two 007 fields.

Icon Definitions

NOTE: When written like “Type in (a,b,c)” this means that Type can be a, or b, or c.

Image Name Defined By
Audio with Player Form is q and Type is i
Audiocassette music recording Type is j and sr_format is l
Blu-ray vr_format is s
Book Type in (a,t) and Form not in (a,b,c,d,f,o,q,r,s) and BLvl in (a,c,d,m)
Braille Type is a and Form is f
CD Audiobook Type is i and sr_format is f
CD Music recording Type is j and sr_format is f
Cassette audiobook Type is i and sr_format is l
DVD vr_format is v
E-audio Type is i and Form in (o,s)
E-book Type in (a,t) and Form in (o,s,q) and BLvl in (s,i,a,c,d,m)
E-video Type is g and Form in (o,s,q)
Equipment, games, toys Type is r
Kit Type in (o,p)
Large Print Book Type in (a,t) and Form is d and BLvl in (a,c,d,m)
Map Type in (e,f)
Microform Form in (a,b,c)
Music Score Type in (c,d)
Musical Sound Recording (Unknown Format) Type is j and sr_format is NOT IN (a,b,c,d,f,e,l)
Phonograph music recording Type is j and sr_format in (a,b,c,d,e)
Phonograph spoken recording Type is i and sr_format in (a,b,c,d,e)
Picture Type is k
Preloaded audio Type is i and Form is q
Serials and magazines BLvl in (b,s)
Software and video games Type is m
VHS vr_format is b
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